Lionel Messi unveiled a special mate tea straw to commemorate his World Cup victory.

In the final of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar last year, Messi defeated France, the winner of the previous tournament, in a penalty shootout, and brought Argentina to the top of the World Cup after 36 years.

With the World Cup victory, Messi was evaluated as having lifted all the trophies he could experience as an active player, and he was able to take a step forward in the debate about the best player of all time.

At the time, Messi received congratulations from numerous soccer figures through social media. In Argentina, which returned after the World Cup, they enjoyed the joy of victory with fans through bus parades and other events.

In the midst of this, Messi expressed his will to celebrate winning the World Cup with a newly made straw every time he drank his favorite drink.

Messi released a picture on his social media on the 9th (Korean time). In the photo, there was a cup of mate tea that Messi usually carries.

Messi has been caught drinking mate tea for his usual health and awakening effect several times, and the appearance of holding the cup was also released on social media several times.

However, there was a slightly different straw inserted in the matcha cup.

Three stars were engraved on the straw along with the World Cup trophy. This is presumed to mean that Argentina, who won the World Cup in Qatar this time, has won its third World Cup title, 토토사이트 and it seems to be a specially made straw to commemorate his World Cup victory.

Argentinian media ‘Channel 26’ also introduced Messi’s winning straw as “Champion of Mate Tea”.

The media said, “You can see three stars and the World Cup trophy on Messi’s straw. That straw is Messi’s new friend.”

Fans admired Messi’s new straw, saying, “The captain who won the World Cup is different”, “Everyone enjoy mate tea”, and “Messi’s straw is more than just words”.

Meanwhile, Messi, who took a break after winning the World Cup, returned to his team, Paris Saint-Germain, to resume the league schedule from the match against Stadren at 4:45 am on the 16th.

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