Controversy arose over the video reading in the ‘Preview Championship Match’, where the first and second place faced each other.

On the 7th at Gyeyang Gymnasium in Incheon, the 4th round match of the regular season between Korean Air, the leader of the V-League men’s division, and Hyundai Capital, the 2nd place, was truly a match. Korean Air, who lost the first set, won the second and third sets in a row and lost the fourth set, but took the fifth set and won a dramatic come-from-behind victory with a set score of 3-2. The 150-minute bloody battle was enough to receive applause from the fans.

However, it was stained by immature judgment. In the second set, 23-23, Hyundai Capital’s Heo Soo-bong delivered a powerful spike serve, and Korean Air’s libero Park Ji-hoon stably received it, and Lincoln’s back attack set the point. At this time, I applied for a video review at the Hyundai Capital Bench. It pointed out the opponent’s Four Hits. It is claimed that the moment Park Ji-hoon received, Jung Ji-seok, who was next to him, fell and rubbed his hand.

The competition committee members checked the broadcasting screen caught in the air and immediately made a four-hit decision. The joys of both teams were divided. Hyundai Capital players laughed, and Korean Air players strongly protested.

Then, on the relay screen caught from the spectator side, it seemed that Jeong Ji-seok’s hand did not fit. After the screen came out, the competition commissioner overturned the reading result, saying, “It was confirmed that it was not a four-hit.” This time, Hyundai Capital protested. Choi Tae-woong, manager of Hyundai Capital, took off his mask and appealed strongly. He raised his voice, saying, “(Last month) they said they couldn’t reread it on the 27th, so why are the rules going back and forth?” The assistant referee only repeated “I’m sorry”. In the end, coach Choi’s argument was not accepted, and Hyundai Capital gave the second set to a deuce.

The biggest problem is that the reading was too hasty. 메이저사이트 The final decision had to be made by looking at the screens from various angles, but it was the root cause of the decision to hastily come to a conclusion with just one screen captured in the air.

It is also a problem that there is no clear guideline on ‘reversal of reading’. In the match between KB Insurance and KEPCO held on the 27th of last month, a misjudgment came out, but the reading was not reversed. At that time, Hu In-jeong, director of KB Insurance, requested a video review of KEPCO’s Park Chan-woong’s net touch. Looking at the slow screen, Park Chan-woong’s arm obviously reached, but the competition committee announced a no-touch. In response to Coach Hu’s protest, the assistant referee said, “It’s true that the reading was a mistake, but it can’t be reversed even if it’s unfair.” The V-League tournament outline explains the process of reading, 11 situations of reading, and an explanation of additional reading, but it did not specifically specify reversal. In the end, due to an obvious misjudgment, the game committee member and assistant referee for the match were excluded from assignment for 3 games, and the referee was suspended for 1 game. At that time, the disciplined member of the competition committee sparked controversy again on this day with a careless decision.

Video review was introduced to correct erroneous referee decisions. Then you should be more careful. Even if it takes time, the original purpose is to ensure that there is no unfair team. This is why accurate decisions, not quick judgments, are important.

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