The best soccer league in the world is the English Premier League (EPL).

Among the many reasons, the decisive one is because it is the league that makes the most money and spends the most money. According to a recent study by the UK’s ‘Deloitte Money League’, 11 of the top 20 highest-grossing football clubs in the world for the 2021-22 season were revealed to be EPL clubs.

Manchester City are number 1 in the world. Man City recorded 731 million euros (974 billion won) in the 2021-22 season and took first place for the second year in a row. Liverpool earned 701.7 million euros (935 billion won) and Manchester United earned 688.6 million euros (917.5 billion won), ranking third and fourth.

English football also had the most money to spend in 2022. According to a report recently released by the International Football Federation (FIFA), the world men’s professional soccer league spent a total of $6.5 billion (8.177 trillion won) in 2022, of which England took the lead with $2.2 billion (2.7137 trillion won). occupied the top

According to the US’ CNN, 2022 is the first year that English professional football has exceeded $ 2 billion in a year. The second place behind England was Italian men’s professional football. A total of $673.3 million was spent. There is a huge gap between England and No. 1.

Then, where is the world’s best ‘selling league’?

A large portion of the spending of professional football league clubs is spent on player transfer fees. For this reason, leagues that sell many players to leagues in other countries can stand tall as ‘selling leagues’. The higher the transfer fee, the higher the profit of the ‘selling league’. 메이저사이트

The number one selling league in 2022 was the French Professional Football League. France collected a transfer fee of 740.3 million dollars (913.1 billion won) in 2022. It was named as the country with the highest transfer fee revenue.

In fact, the player who recorded the top transfer fee in world football in 2022 was Aurelien Chuameni. The transfer fee incurred while transferring from French AS Monaco to Real Madrid was 84.12 million dollars (103.7 billion won).

In second place was Darwin Núñez, who transferred from Portugal’s Benfica to England’s Liverpool, for a transfer fee of 78.59 million dollars (97 billion won).

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