The Korea Football Association announced follow-up measures regarding the controversy over the mandatory trainer during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

On the 17th, the association posted the ‘National Team Medical Operation System Improvement Plan’ on the official website. It was a follow-up measure to the controversy over mandatory support that began with a revealing post on social media by trainer Ahn Deok-soo, who unofficially managed the condition of some players during the Qatar World Cup. The association announced its official position on the controversy in January and promised to come up with a plan for improvement before the convocation of the A match in March.

According to the association’s announcement, the association investigated the operation policy of overseas associations through the England, Germany, Japan, and Australia Football Associations in January, and held an association duty subcommittee in February to discuss improvement plans. At the end of February, based on the results of the medical subcommittee meeting, a draft improvement plan was prepared at a meeting attended by key executives and department heads of the association.

We also went through the process of listening to the opinions of the coach and the players. The association explained that in early March, it conveyed the contents of the incident at the time of the World Cup to new coach Jürgen Klinsmann and sought his opinion, and also delivered the association’s improvement plan to about 10 middle-aged and veteran players who participated in the World Cup. Coach Klinsmann expressed his opinion that he was fully aware of and respected the association’s improvement plan, and added that most players replied, “I hope we will have more discussions during the national team convening period this March.”

The association conveyed the large-scale improvement plan established by the association on the premise that it will be supplemented through additional discussions with the players. The first was to clearly establish the relationship between the national team doctor and the duty trainer. Through the revision of the regulations, the team doctor oversees medical affairs and makes the final medical judgment on the player’s condition, and the duty trainer has the duty to follow the team doctor’s instructions and report the player’s condition and treatment activity history to the team doctor. made with 토토사이트

Regarding the controversy over the ‘unqualified’ trainer, it was said that the licenses recognized by the association in the future would be limited to three types of ‘physical therapist, health exercise manager, and athletic trainer’ and would be strictly applied.

He also announced plans to select ‘part-time’ personnel during the convocation period for the national team. It is a method of selecting a certain number of people who have a license recognized by the association and wish to treat the athlete from among the individual mandatory trainers of the athlete and use them in a part-time form. Part-time duty trainers must also follow the basic rules, such as being led by a team doctor according to the new regulations.

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