Whatever happens, there are many causes. Nothing happens because of just one cause. The same goes for marital quarrels, colleague quarrels, and political strife, as well as refugee exodus, human trafficking, drug markets, and environmental pollution. It is the result of intertwined interests among all involved. Positive things, such as successful collaboration, consensus and achievement, and policy improvement, are equally intertwined with interests. Everything in the world is created by being interconnected like that, and destroyed by being interconnected like that.

The situation with soccer team number 2701 seems to have come to an end. On the 10th, the Korea Football Association explained at length the association’s position in this regard. It’s been a month since the situation was revealed. The association wrote the situation before and after the World Cup in a relatively detailed and balanced way. It is not much different from what has been reported through various media reports. The soccer team will continue to be convened starting in March. Of course, only by reflecting on the 2701 incident and learning lessons can we effectively prepare for similar situations in the future.

The association, the national team players, and trainer Ahn Deok-soo may still have a lot to say. There will be parts that agree with the association’s explanation and parts that don’t. There is no sensitive content in the statement, such as the possibility of additional controversy, personal conflicts between the medical team and some players that the association is difficult to reveal, and the income earned by trainer Ahn. In any case, everyone cannot be completely free from responsibility for this situation. The association has not been able to achieve smooth collaboration with personal trainers. Coach Paulo Bento was also not active 안전놀이터 in coordination. Some players have crossed the line. Even if an athlete is a being with absolute power, it is difficult to invade the unique and specialized work area of ​​other members. If there has been a case of hurting the pride of a member and causing them to feel ashamed, reconciliation and apology are also necessary. An trainer cannot be free from allegations that he does not have the appropriate qualifications and that he has neglected the judgment of medical staff. Everything in the world moves within the social structure, discipline, and rules. Unless you live in isolation, it is a social norm that everyone must follow.

It became a task to ponder the 2701 incident and come up with countermeasures in advance. The association said it would strengthen the medical team and at the same time prepare a way to collaborate with personal trainers. Trainers who want to work with players, whether inside or outside the association, must have certain qualifications and practical experience. Players have to change too. It is admitted that the overseas group has excellent skills and is loved by the people. But that doesn’t mean you can ignore experts working in other fields and encroach on their territory.  안전놀이터 All players need to remember Son Woong-jung’s words, “World-class players are also great in character.”

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