A strong supporter, father.

Jeonju Namjung failed to advance to the final by losing 73-88 to Songdo Middle School in the South Central Semifinals of the ‘2023 Federation President’s National Men’s and Women’s Secondary Basketball Gimcheon Competition’ held at the Gimcheon Indoor Gymnasium in Gimcheon, Gyeongbuk on the 9th.

Kim Seung-pyo (F, 183cm), a junior at Jeonju Boys Middle School, played an active role with 38 points (5 3-point shots), 5 rebounds and 3 steals in 37 minutes and 39 seconds, but could not prevent the team from losing.

Kim Seung-pyo said, “I’m sorry about the result, but I think I played my best until the end.”

Jeonju Namjung was shaken by Songdo Middle School’s 3-point shot from the beginning of the game. Song Do-joong poured cold water on Jeonju Nam-jung’s pursuit with a 3-point shot. Whenever that happened, Kim Seung-pyo shouted to his teammates in his court and talked about concentration.

Kim Seung-pyo said, “We played as we prepared. The opponent made a lot of 3-pointers, but I wanted to play a game that I didn’t regret with my teammates until the end. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t in vain as I came this far after overcoming Ho-joong Lim and Ji-jung Myung. So, with the mindset to do it, I raised my voice to my colleagues and hit the floor on the court,” he explained at the time.

“Coach Hak-seop Kim always says, ‘Don’t give up until the end’ and ‘Believe in yourself’ during training and competitions. He gives us a lot of confidence. Thanks to the coach, we were always able to achieve good results.” he added.

Jeonju Namjung made the semifinals in the first tournament in March, the quarterfinals in the association long term in April, and the semifinals in the association president term in May.

Kim Seung-pyo said, “Personally, I felt that we were a strong team with good results in the first tournament. In April, we only reached the quarterfinals due to an injury, but this time we worked hard together and made it to the semifinals. The result was disappointing, but I did not regret it. It was and I’m happy”, looking back at the last tournament.  온라인카지노

In the semi-finals, I visited the Jeonju Juju basketball team and cheered on my younger brothers in Jeonju Boys Middle School.

Kim Seung-pyo said, “I am really grateful to the hyungs in Jeonju. I hope the hyungs will always work hard. I want to say thank you for always cheering me on.”

Lastly, he did not forget to thank his father for sacrificing himself for his son.

Kim Seung-pyo said, “I plan to do a lot of dribbling and shooting practice before I go to high school. My father doesn’t play basketball, but because of me, he looks up basketball videos a lot and always helps me with training. Thanks to my father, I was able to come this far, and he supported me. I am always grateful to my family,” he concluded the interview.

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