Is it the effect of ‘special tutoring’?

Kiwoom Heroes Jang Jae-young left a deep impression in joint training with the US Major League team. Jang Jae-young threw 20 balls in a practice game against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Salt River Fields in Scottsdale, Arizona on the 23rd (Korean time). On this day, Jang Jae-young showed off his good condition by throwing a fastball of up to 152 km.

Jang Jae-young received advice on overall pitching from Park Chan-ho, a “Korean Express” who visited Kiwoom Camp on the 14th. On this day, Park Chan-ho observed Jang Jae-young’s pitching carefully and spent quite a long time explaining the overall mechanism. At the time, Park Chan-ho praised Jang Jae-young as “a pitcher with good qualities.”

After the match against Arizona, Jang Jae-young said, “Since this is my first actual pitching, I threw with 80-90% intensity, paying attention to over-pace. When I took the wrong swing, I gained confidence,” he said. “At bat, I only hit balls that came into the zone I set. It was difficult to follow the ball, but I think it was a process of adapting. Still, I am satisfied with the fact that I watched the ball well and got two walks. It’s embarrassing,” he said. Jang Jae-young not only pitched, but also hitter and faced the Arizona pitching staff. 바카라사이트

Kiwoom played a 7-inning practice game with Arizona in a simulation format with a limit on the number of pitches. The training on this day was concluded when the Arizona club, which is providing a camp training ground to Kiwoom, expressed its intention to participate. Kiwoom hitters checked their skills against seven promising pitchers on the Arizona side, including Merrill Kelly, who joined Arizona after playing for SK Wyverns (now SSG Landers) for four seasons from 2015 to 2018.

The player who showed the best performance in training that day was Lim Byung-wook. Lim Byung-wook scored three hits, including a right-handed hit to Kelly, a mid-month home run against Arizona right-hander Peter Solomon, and a hit in the last at-bat.

Lim Byung-wook said, “I had a lot of conversations with hitting coach Kang Byung-sik to prepare for the camp. I tested the things I was practicing in practice, and the feeling wasn’t bad.” I don’t think batting performance is important. I will do my best to train until the last day of camp.”

Kiwoom will play a practice match with the Dutch national team participating in the 2023 WBC on the 28th.

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