Jeju United (hereinafter referred to as Jeju) opens the prelude to success in the 2023 season, starting with the home opener against Suwon FC.

Jeju will clash with Suwon FC in the 2023 K-League 1 home opening match held at Jeju World Cup Stadium on February 26 (Sun) at 2:00 pm. Their head-to-head record against Suwon FC is 5 wins, 4 draws and 4 losses. Even in three confrontations in the 2022 season, they took the lead with one win and two draws. The weight of power adds to the psychological superiority.

In order to advance to the AFC Asian Champions League, which is the goal of this season, Jeju has recruited a large number of high-quality players such as Yeon Je-woon, Kim Seung-seop, Yuri, Ki-hyeok Lee, Kim Hyung-geun, Hayes, Lim Chae-min, and Lee Ju-yong ahead of the opening of the 2023 season. Jeju, with captain Choi Yeong-joon and key players such as Koo Ja-cheol, Kim Dong-joon, Jeong-woon, and Ahn Hyun-beom, was even pointed out as one of the top 4 teams in the opening media day recently.

The condition of the players is also the best. In particular, Hays “Heimar” and Yuri “Tank” quickly melt into the team and are warming up for success. Hayes’ unchanging class and Yuri’s overwhelming finishing ability, which had impressive performances (16 goals and 9 assists) on the K-League 1 and K-League 2 stages over the past two seasons, created strong synergy in the practice game.

Hays recorded 3 goals and 3 assists in 10 practice games during the preseason. His active defensive involvement and his passing that took advantage of his teammate’s position instantly changed the flow of the game. Yuri scored a whopping 10 goals in 10 matches. With his 185cm tall and 88kg weight, he trampled the opponent’s goal like his nickname ‘Tank’. 온라인카지노

It is like finding a new answer for Jeju, which has to fill the gap in the transfer of Joo Min-gyu (39 goals, 8 assists) and Jerso (13 goals, 9 assists), who had collaborated on 69 attack points over the past two seasons. Coach Nam Ki-il said, “Hayes and Yuri are quickly adapting to the team and living up to expectations.” Hayes and Yuri said in unison, “I feel competitive and motivated to break the record of Jeruso and Joo Min-gyu.”

Fans’ expectations are also growing. Tickets for this day’s game are on the rise, and table seats are already sold out. In order to respond to this, Jeju created a mini amusement park that can satisfy the five senses of Jeju residents on and off the ground under the title of ‘Enjoy soccer!’ Plan the event lineup. In addition, Jeju’s ‘Legend’ and ‘K-League Ambassador’ Yun Jeong-Hwan will visit the home opener on this day. They will hold a fan signing event at the event plaza near the box office for 30 minutes from 1:00 PM, and come down to the field just before the start of the second half to greet fans.

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