In the past, Sports Toto, an organization promoting athletics, contributed to bringing more buzz to the local sports scene.

Now it is shifting its attention to promoting social service.

The community service association of the company visited the Daniel School, a special-education school, last month and enjoyed time with disabled children, doing sports activities and recreation.

Sports Toto, which was established in October 2001, is a lottery that allows participants to play games based on six sports ― football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, golf and ssireum.

A few executives and staff members formed a volunteer group, Topas, in 2005 and the unit blossomed into the company-level community service corps in April 2007.

In actuality, Sports Toto has made social contributions to improve the quality of life of the less fortunate via sports.

Particularly, the company came up with three projects last year.

The first project is promoting health.

As part of this effort, Sports Toto 토토사이트 established a playground at the Social Welfare Society Incorporate in Seoul to help disabled kids improve their physical conditioning.

In addition, it launched “Toto Kids Run School” in 2008 to battle childhood obesity.

Through the annual event, it has taught overweight children healthy habits for eating and exercising, and made efforts to draw attention to the issue of child obesity.

The second plan is to promote balanced development in sports.

Sports Toto has signed a supporting agreement with the Korean Paralympic Committee (KPC) for four consecutive years.

It has also worked with Special Olympics Korea to give people with disabilities opportunities to participate in community activities.

Sports Toto has also designed programs to scout talented, at-risk youth and nurture them into good players.

The final program is creating chances to enjoy culture and art through improvement of social welfare.

Sports Toto also runs a shelter in Daegu for seniors who reside in low-income housing areas or live alone and has invited them to football, basketball and baseball games.

Alongside the three categorized schemes, Sports Toto, with the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation (KSPO) co-hosted 10 elementary school-level sporting events, including ones for taekwondo, badminton, handball, skating and gymnastics. 먹튀검증

And it also supplied 125 elementary schools with financial support totaling 1 billion won, to improve children’s physical conditioning.

“Sports Toto accomplishes what it does due to the fact that all our executives and staff members pitch in. We want to provide a brighter future,” said Lee Hyun-jin, the head of the company’s community service team.

“Based on what we have done thus far, we will try our best to contribute to society.”

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