Song Joo-hoon returned to Jeju United after serving in the military . He joined Jeju two years ago, but he has yet to play a single game in a Jeju uniform . The 2023 season is the turn to show ‘ Citrus Defender ‘ Song Joo-hoon .

On the 7th , the 5th media camp schedule for the 2023 K- League Winter Camp was held at Barev Hotel in Seogwipo, Jeju Island . Many players, including coach Nam Ki-il , attended the media camp . Song Joo-hoon, who returned from military service at Gimcheon Sangmu, also attended the media camp and expressed his thoughts on returning to Jeju .

Song Joo-hoon said , ” It’s been less than two months since I returned to Jeju after being discharged from the military . It’s only natural that players change every year, so it doesn’t feel special . ” Since he came, he joked around a lot, so the awkward atmosphere has disappeared . People around him help a lot, ” he said, saying that he is adjusting smoothly to the team after returning to Jeju 메이저놀이터

Song Joo-hoon left Shenzhen FC in 2021 to join Jeju . He was expected to build a strong defensive axis . However, after joining Jeju, he could not play a single game due to injury , and in June of that year , he left for Gimcheon Sangmu to fulfill his military service obligations . He joined Jeju two years ago , but he is a ‘ newbie in Jeju ‘ who has never played in a Jeju uniform .

That’s why the resolution is more different . ” I was in Jeju for about six months before my military service , but I went to Gimcheon Sangmu without being able to play a single match because I was injured and rehabilitated, ” said Song Joo-hoon, who regretted it, saying, ” I personally have a great desire to do well . I hope this year will be a turning point.” I finished my military service, so there’s nothing to worry about . I want to make this year a turning point while playing soccer comfortably . “

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