Yonsei University won its sixth victory of the season against Sungkyunkwan University. For coach Ho-jin Yun, it seemed that the regret of not keeping a large score gap was greater than the joy of victory.

Yonsei University, led by coach Yun Ho-jin, won 84-65 in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League Sungkyunkwan University held at Yonsei University Seoul Campus Gymnasium on the 10th.

Coach Yun Ho-jin, whom we met after the game, said, “(Despite the absence of Kim Bo-bae), the remaining players worked together in the first half and defended hard. Still, he stressed the need to be careful during halftime meetings. That part was not kept well, so (in the second half) the opposing team’s players came up. In the 4th quarter, I ordered a 2-2 play from the top of the key player, and I finished it well. Lee Min-seo also distributed the roles, and he learned well after watching Yu-gi-sang. He left his impressions of the game, saying, “As a team, he focused on the move that was promised at the end.

Yonsei University’s key players Lee Chae-hyung and Lee Ju-young left early due to injuries. However, despite the departure of the two players, there was no crack in the good performance. Yonsei University won by more than 20 points in two games right after the power leak.

The winning pattern of Yonsei University on this day was similar but slightly different. Like the previous game, the first quarter showed a seesaw game aspect. In the 2nd quarter, it seemed to bring a win. In particular, the role of Hong Sang-min, a freshman, shone. Hong Sang-min played for only 4 minutes and 45 seconds in the second quarter and scored 8 points and 1 rebound. In particular, his 6 consecutive points were enough to tilt the winning streak to Yonsei.

Director Yun Ho-jin said, “I instruct a lot of moves that I haven’t done (before). It is true that there is a lack of concentration. As for the aggressive part, he ordered himself to do what he was confident about. In the third quarter, Hong Sang-min’s offense fouled (the victory). However, since he is a freshman, I hope he will not settle down.” 온라인바카라

Then, coach Ho-jin Yun expressed his regret for allowing the opponent to tie the game twice in the third quarter. He said, “Almost all tall players are in the lower grades. With a little more focus, you can catch the ball well. However, as the score increases, the concentration drops. He gave the opponent an easy chance.”

Coach Yun Ho-jin usually gives equal chances to all players in the roster. There was a time when he said, “I’m worried about the large number of people available.” But there was something special about this day. Kim Bo-bae, who usually formed a twin tower with Lee Gyu-tae, did not stand on the court.

Director Yun Ho-jin said, “Yesterday (9th) I didn’t do a particularly hard workout. I tried to match the team members. On the way, (Kim Bo-bae) complained of pain in the groin. I sent him to the hospital this morning (the 10th), but he didn’t hurt the tendon. It’s a little bit inflammatory. He said that (playing) was fine, but (the groin) was a hard part when defending, so I didn’t overdo it,” he explained Kim Bo-bae’s absence.

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