Pohang Steelers, a professional soccer team, did not hide their displeasure towards Incheon United. The match between Pohang and Incheon this season is expected to heat up over Shin Jin-ho’s transfer.

Pohang made a statement conscious of Incheon at the Hana One Q K-League 2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp held at the Seogwipo Hotel in Jeju on the 6th.

Manager Kim Ki-dong expressed his dissatisfaction, saying that Shin Jin-ho’s sudden transfer had disrupted preparation for the season. Director Kim said, “(Shin Jin-ho) was in a situation where we were going together this year. The contract was signed until this year, so we thought that he would go together and there would be no problem, but he suddenly left the team and got busy.”

Coach Kim indirectly expressed his dissatisfaction with the lack of communication during the process of Shin Jin-ho’s transfer to Incheon.

Manager Kim said, “I always talk to the players and say, ‘If you improve your skills and increase your value while you are with me, you can send them to the big water when we can’t have them. ‘” He said, “But when I leave, there is something sad about not having any sympathy or talk.”

He continued, “If we just leave without sympathy, it’s unfortunate because we’re human, and I wonder if our relationship is the only one. But it’s an unavoidable situation, so I understand and move on.”

Kim Seung-dae, who took over as captain after Shin Jin-ho left, also did not hide his feelings for Incheon. At the same time, he revealed his will to defeat Incheon during the season. 메이저사이트

Kim Seung-dae said, “All my good seniors went there (Incheon). I hope they do well and become good players.” He added, “I think it went well because I was in a situation where I could show what football is.”

After Shin Jin-ho’s sudden transfer, Pohang recruited Kim Jong-woo as a substitute, but the atmosphere is not perfect yet.

On the other hand, Shin Jin-ho moved to Incheon and met Lee Myung-joo again. Shin Jin-ho and Lee Myung-joo played together in Pohang in 2013, winning the K-League and the FA Cup.

With Shin Jin-ho’s transfer, competition between Pohang and Incheon is aroused, and football fans’ attention is expected to be focused on the match between the two sides that will take place after the opening.

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