“The biggest concern is the strikers’ goals… ”

Chungnam-Asan coach Park Dong-hyuk expressed his frustration in an interview before the game. 2 goals in 5 league games this season, the team with the lowest score among the K-League 2 clubs was Asan. Naturally, the league ranking was also at the bottom of the list, 11th out of 13 teams. In order to solve this problem, scoring was needed more than anything.

In this game, coach Park Dong-hyuk placed Park Min-seo, Jung Sung-ho, and Kang Min-gyu in the front. In a situation where key players Duarte and Ko Moo-yeol left due to injuries, coach Park Dong-hyuk had faith in the players who were playing. The pick came out as a goal. 메이저사이트

In the 13th minute of the first half, Park Min-seo’s side cross was rushed by Jung Sung-ho and turned it into a goal. Manager Park Dong-hyuk clenched his fists at the unexpected goal. Even after that, Jung Sung-ho moved actively in the forefront and showed outstanding performance. In the 10th minute of the second half, he created a decisive opportunity.

Jung Sung-ho was born in 2001 and joined Chungnam-Asan this season. He played for Seoul E-Land last season and scored 1 goal in 6 matches. This season, he played in 5 league matches and scored his debut goal in this match, drawing attention from manager Park Dong-hyuk.

Before the match, manager Park Dong-hyuk said, “Jung Seong-ho is one of the players who have scored many goals since winter training. He is a player who lifts me up and puts me down. I hope that this player will be able to gain confidence and help his team by scoring.”

As he said, Jung Sung-ho scored a cool goal and provided Asan with a new attacking option. Asan’s season began in earnest, with goals starting to emerge little by little.

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