What is the final choice of Chung Mong-gyu, president of the Korea Football Association (KFA)?

Chairman Chung, who suffered from measles due to the controversy over the surprise pardon for match-manipulators, took responsibility for the board of directors, including some high-ranking executives who led the amnesty, and took out the resignation card, but was put in a ‘restless seat’.

The surprise amnesty and withdrawal, which is called the biggest futility in KFA history, is still a ‘hot potato’ to the extent that there is talk of a government investigation. Criticism aimed at Chairman Chung, who is in charge of the final handling of the situation, continues.

As a result of this paper’s coverage, Chairman Chung is collecting public opinion on his move through KFA as well as key working-level officials of Hyundai Industrial Development, which he operates. A high-ranking KFA official said, “I know that the president is struggling with the situation as the situation is deteriorating so much. said. 메이저사이트

Despite Chung’s decision to ‘resign all members of the board’, he began to draw a detailed sketch of his resignation as strong pressure came from not only the football world but also the political world. As the resignation of the directors may cause some work vacancy, it is known that a plan to step down after participating only in personnel responsible for major pending issues is also being considered.

However, his departure from KFA is not the best answer to sort out a series of incidents and essential problems. If you are a leader, you must actively deal with the situation and come up with future-oriented reform plans. Chairman Chung is also aware of this. It is highly likely that he will face another criticism of ‘irresponsible’ after pulling out his resignation card.

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