Mason Mount (Chelsea) met with Todd Boelli, the owner.

Mount is getting interest from several teams. Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal (above England) and Bayern Munich (Germany) have expressed their intention to recruit Mount. This summer, if Mount can leave as his contract with Chelsea has one year left, leaving in the summer transfer market is not a bad choice.

Mount has not signed a new contract with Chelsea. He has declined contract renewals several times. Because of this, Mount recently met directly with the owner, Todd Boelli. According to the British media ‘Evening Standard’, Boelli wants to avoid transferring to a team belonging to the English Premier League (EPL) such as Liverpool and Arsenal. So Boelli reportedly asked Mount for a one-year or two-year contract extension. 먹튀검증

Actually, Mount has no intention of renewing the contract. Above all, Munich coach Thomas Tuchel and Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp are pushing for a scout with Mount as their top priority. However, Mount’s transfer fee and weekly wage can be a stumbling block.

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