The Pittsburgh Pirates fell into the pit of six consecutive losses, the most in the season.

Pittsburgh lost 2-8 to the Toronto Blue Jays in the Eastern Division of the American League at home PNC Park on the 7th (Korean time), maintaining an uneasy lead with 20 wins and 14 losses. The 2nd place Milwaukee Brewers also fell into a swamp with 6 consecutive losses, and the 1.5 game gap remained the same with 18 wins and 15 losses.

Super utility man Bae Ji-hwan sprained his left ankle when grounding second base in the 8th inning the previous day and missed the day. Pittsburgh did not change the starting lineup and 9 people completed 9 innings.

At the beginning of the week, Pittsburgh played the Tampa Bay Rays, the best team in the Major League, with the National League’s highest win rate (20 wins and 8 losses). He only scored 4 points as he was swept in 3 consecutive games pressed by the Tampa Bay mound. He scored 1.3 points per game. With a sweeping loss against Tampa Bay, the NL lead was also lost to the Atlanta Braves.

The first reason for the sluggish six-game losing streak is offense. He picked up just 8 points and gave up 34 points in 6 games. The goal difference is -26. In the second game in Toronto, he scored only two runs with five hits.

Another factor is selection. In six games, all starting pitchers became losing pitchers. Over six games, the starter throws 26 innings and has an ERA of 7.96 with 23 earned runs. There is no team that can win even if the attack is silent and the first point is given. 스포츠토토

In particular, starter Yohan Oviedo (25) recorded an average ERA of 3.03 with 2 wins and 1 loss in the first 5 games, but gave up a lot of runs in 2 consecutive games. On this day, the average ERA soared to 5.59 with 14 runs (13 earned runs) in 7.1 innings pitched in two games, including the game against Toronto.

Pittsburgh’s April winning percentage, which was expected to be 70-75 before the season, was fresh. However, experts do not expect April’s performance as a true Pittsburgh. Entering May, they fell into a losing streak as they met the two teams in the MLB’s top district East one after another.

However, what is comforting is that the NL central region is also declining. The St. Louis Cardinals, the eternal championship candidate, sat down with a win rate of 20% (10-24). It’s their worst season start in 51 years since 1972.

It is a schedule that can be a window to breathe in the sluggishness of the NL West’s lowest-ranking Colorado Rockies (13-21) at the beginning of the week at home.

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