Humans are always faced with challenges in life. These challenges create a new environment and pursue a new self.

Surviving in sports starts with an attitude towards challenges. After the World Cup successfully ends, the leagues of each country resume, and the players return to their respective positions and try to show off their best performance. For us and professional players living in an era that rejects mediocrity, mediocrity is just another fact that makes us face the difficulty of progressing one step further. What lessons does the pink penguin look like to so-called successful professional players to take a leap forward?

■ Creating value is an opportunity to take a new leap. Creating

and finding your own value creates an opportunity to take a new leap forward. One of the things that can often be seen in sports will be the transfer of players. Players create their own value in order to transfer to a better club for a better ransom. Park Ji-sung, an attacking midfielder, was able to show his skills as Korea’s first Premier Leaguer at Manchester United, the best club at the time, based on his vigorous activity and tactical understanding of space creation. Park Ji-sung’s performance, which overcame his flat feet, brought great joy and pride to viewers on the home screen.

■ Fear is my teacher and friend

. What should I do to make a human who moves forward? In the bestseller ‘Pink Penguin’, which emphasizes the greatness of unrivaled differentiation, fear is the message for me to move forward. Son Heung-min was almost unable to participate in the Qatar World Cup due to an orbital fracture injury in the league. Nevertheless, he put on a mask and gave his all to the game despite fear of injury. 토토사이트 For players, fear is also a sign of a new beginning. Even when Son Heung-min’s wall ball controversy or last season’s Premier League top scorer, Son Woong-jung’s father expressed fear. The spirit of accepting fear and being able to face it is also the driving force behind Son Heung-min of today.

■ Differentiation is the shortcut of the pink penguin

There is no doubt that I have a difference. Rather than mediocrity, in order to be competitive among the penguins, you must create your own weapon. In general, when it comes to soccer, people are enthusiastic about strikers who score goals. But have we ever been so enthusiastic about a defender? Kim Min-jae is a center back, and his strength is his ability to fight and accelerate. A different environment and different physical advantages led him to Napoli, Italy, and made him one of the best defenders in Serie A.

Creating a better self requires your own weapon. The frightening and terrifying phrase “If you get buried, you die!” the Pink Penguin says is bittersweet, but “If you’re ordinary, you’ll get disliked” seems to show a cross-section of a competitive society.

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