Heroes appear in ‘turbulent times’.

FC Anyang recently lost Jonathan, a foreign striker. Jonathan was caught driving drunk, and Anyang chose to terminate the contract. It was a sudden departure that occurred in a situation where the transfer market was also over and it was impossible to reinforce the power. Moreover, Jonathan was even more painful because he was showing his peak scoring power with 5 goals (1 assist) in 5 games this season.

It was a significant blow to Anyang, who was running undefeated at the beginning of this season. However, in Anyang, there was Park Jae-yong, a youth striker born in 2000. Park Jae-yong was in very good shape during the winter field training. He was seen as a resource capable of threatening Jo Nathan’s place. However, he suffered an injury right before the opening and lost his chance to participate.

Park Jae-yong, who had only been playing as a substitute, started for the first time this season in the 6th round match against Bucheon FC on the 8th. As if to repay manager Lee Woo-hyeong’s trust, he took flight by shooting multiple goals. He scored all 2 goals in 19 league games last season, the first year of his debut. It is also the first time he has scored multiple goals. Park Jae-yong scored a set-piece header using a fantastic non-stop volley and height (193 cm). Thanks to this, Anyang extended its opening undefeated streak to 6 games (4 wins, 2 draws). It is rumored that some Anyang fans shed tears over Park Jae-yong’s goal.

Although it is early in the season, coach Lee is showing a fairly aggressive appearance by making changes to the existing tactics. In order to maximize midfielder Andrigo’s attacking talent, he was deployed forward to the side. When defending, it is a form of participating in midfield fights. Instead of reducing the burden of defense somewhat, it is to increase Andrigo’s passing ability and attack opportunities. 메이저사이트 For this, the role of the front striker is important. This is because he has to focus not only on scoring, but also on fighting for air supremacy and forward pressure. That’s why Park Jae-yong’s existence and the operation of the scorer are meaningful.

Moreover, Anyang will go on an expedition to Gyeongnam FC on the 22nd after taking a break from weekend games. I took a break of about 10 days. It was time to come up with an alternative to fill the void left by Jonathan. Coach Lee, who has been continuously trying to ‘change’ this season, has been able to recombine the attacking team, including Park Jae-yong, and find ways to utilize it. As the saying goes, ‘Crisis is opportunity’, now can be another opportunity for Park Jae-yong and Anyang.

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