Choi Hyo-seo of KGC Ginseng Corporation became the first female volleyball rookie of the year in the libero position. From the first year of her professional debut, she was recognized for her outstanding performance.

Choi Hyo-seo won the Women’s Rookie Award at the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Awards Ceremony held at Grand Hyatt Seoul in Hannam-dong, Seoul on the 10th. She received 17 out of 31 votes from the reporters’ vote, beating her teammate Park Eun-ji (9 votes) and she was named the best rookie of the season.

Choi Hyo-seo quickly adapted to the V-League stage after wearing the KGC Ginseng Corporation uniform in the 2nd round and 6th place in the rookie draft last year. With the full support of coach Hee-jin Ko, he played 22 games and recorded a receiving efficiency of 29.94% and a digg of 2.059 per set, establishing himself as a key player in the team.

KGC Ginseng Corporation experienced the pain of being frustrated in spring volleyball for six consecutive seasons after the 2016-2017 season, but Choi Hyo-seo’s discovery was obviously a great harvest. Further growth is expected in the next season.

After winning the Rookie of the Year Award, Choi Hyo-seo said, “I want to say thank you to the club’s front desk, coach, coaching staff, and team members who always help me a lot from behind.” I think I’m receiving this award thanks to director Go Hee-jin.”

The most memorable match this season was the IBK Industrial Bank match on October 26 last year, which was the professional stage debut match. Coincidentally, Choi Hyo-seo’s older sister, Choi Jung-min, is running at IBK Industrial Bank. 

Choi Hyo-seo said, “It seems to be more memorable when I met my sister (Choi Jeong-min) on the court as a player from the opposing team in the first starting match of my debut.” said and made me laugh.

He also looked back on his trial and error, saying, “At the beginning of the season, I didn’t do what I thought I could do, so it was very difficult. I trained hard at night to overcome it.” 카지노사이트

As a role model, he mentioned Im Myung-ok, a libero of the Korea Expressway Corporation. Lim Myung-ok not only played a decisive role in Korea Expressway Corporation’s championship match victory this season, but also was named the best 7 libero in the women’s division for four consecutive years and is recognized as the best libero in the V-League.

Choi Hyo-seo said, “I’m trying to learn while watching Im Myung-ok run,” and said, “Receiving is the most difficult, but Myeong-ok seems to be very comfortable with receiving, so I want to be followed.” 

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