Reporter Lee Eui-jin = Yeo Jun-seok (21, 203 cm), who joined Gonzaga University, the ‘prestigious basketball’ in the United States, is the third male basketball player in Korea to advance to Division 1 of the National Collegiate Sports Association (NCAA).

It has been four years since Lee Hyun-joong (23, 201 cm), who entered Davidson University in 2019, wanting to challenge the NBA.

Prior to them, the 2m forward ‘brother’ who stepped on the NCAA Division 1 stage for the first time was 203cm Choi Jin-soo (33, Hyundai Mobis).

Choi Jin-soo, who entered the prestigious University of Maryland in NCAA tradition in 2006, returned to Korea in early 2010 and has already entered his 12th year as a pro.

In a phone call with Yonhap News on the 18th, Choi Jin-soo said, “It’s fortunate that Yeo Jun-seok went to a good university.”

Rui Hachimura, a Japanese forward who has been active at Gonzaga University since 2016, improved his skills every year and was called by the Washington Wizards in 2019 with the 9th overall pick.

Choi Jin-soo emphasized that English and study are as important as skill to adapt to the NCAA.

He said, “I rarely take classes during the season. I have to prepare for exams or whatever,” he said.

This is also Choi Jin-soo’s own experience.

He always had to feel a lot of pressure in his studies because of the NCAA regulations that required him to combine study and sports.

Choi Jin-su, who was on the verge of taking a year off due to failing to pass the minimum score according to the regulations, had no choice but to return to Korea in early 2010.

Choi Jin-soo said, “There is a dedicated instructor for the athletic department on campus, but it is meaningless if English is insufficient.”

In fact, NCAA players must take all 40 percent of their degree course before completing their sophomore year.

60% of the 3rd year and 80% of the 4th year must be completed, and at least 6 credits must be completed each semester to maintain qualification as an athlete in the next semester.

Individual schools also set minimum grade standards for athletes to compete.

Choi Jin-soo said, “I don’t know how well you speak English, but I’d rather take summer school during vacation rather than join the national team in the summer.” .

He continued, “I improve my skills a lot in the summer. That’s when I have the opportunity to go to games invited by local professional players, and that’s when I have coaches and trainers to help me improve my skills.” Going up high is better for Korean basketball.”

He said, “Yeo Jun-seok and Lee Hyun-joong have to go to the NBA to gain the confidence that ‘even Korean players can do it.’ “he emphasized.

He also advised that playing time can be given only when one learns ‘smart basketball’.

Yeo Jun-seok, who has quickness and jumping power despite his tall stature, is evaluated as having the best athletic ability in Korea.

However, in Choi Jin-soo’s view, that is not enough to compete with American players.

He said, “Unless the NBA’s Ja Morant (Memphis) and Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee) are not at the same level, the athletic ability and physical condition of the players gathered in the NCAA are similar. Within that, the coach sees who is smarter and more active and plays time. give,” he said.

Typhoon, a former naturalized player who played four years in the NCAA, also emphasized his confidence.

Jeon Tae-pung, who led Georgia Tech, a prestigious basketball team, said, “We have different skin colors, but we are all human beings. Like a newborn child, we have to learn everything.” He is famous for teaching team play and shooting well.” 먹튀검증

Jeon Tae-pung said, “Division 1 is already a level where professional players are gathered,” but “Gonja University is prestigious, but there are not that many players who are rated as the top in the United States. If you work hard, you can play as a starter.”

At the same time, he pointed out that efforts to develop individual skills should be made separately.

Jeon Tae-pung advised, “For team play and shooting, it is enough to follow Gonzaga University’s training program. However, it is not a school that develops individual skills. Having a separate trainer will be very helpful.”

After hearing the news of Yeo Jun-seok, he also couldn’t take his worries away from ‘studying’.

Jeon Tae-pung said, “Honestly, I was good at English, so I didn’t have any burden on my grades, but I spent a lot of time studying.” I did.” I looked back.

He then advised, “I don’t want to burden Lee Hyun-joong, but I want everyone to attack with confidence instead of avoiding on the court with the idea that we are all human beings.”

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