K-League No. 1 club FC Seoul and Trot No. 1 Young-woong Lim met.

FC Seoul will have a home game against Daegu FC in the 6th round of the 2023 Hana Bank K-League held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 8th at 4:30 pm.

On this day, what attracts more attention than the match between Seoul and Daegu is the shichukja. Previously, the Seoul club announced in a press release on the 31st of last month, “National singer Lim Young-woong will be the host of the home game held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on April 8.”

The Lim Young-woong effect led to all seats sold out. After the seat reservation started at 6 pm on the 3rd, the majority of tickets were sold in 10 minutes, proving the effect of ‘Lim Young-woong’.

In a phone call with OSEN, a representative from Seoul said, “More than 20,000 seats sold out in an hour,” and “More than 30,000 tickets were sold in one day. We are running at a fast pace,” he emphasized.

Even this person in charge screamed happily, “The office keeps calling in. It’s to the point of being hectic” and “Most of them are fans who want to buy tickets or inquiries about timepieces.”

Next, he said, “Since it’s been less than 24 hours since the reservation was made, we are looking forward to additional sales. And if the Seoul supporters also add their strength, it will probably be an all-time box office hit.”

In addition, considering the good time of 4:30 pm on the weekend, there is a high probability that many tickets will be sold even at the site. The first 40,000 spectators in the history of counting paid spectators, which began in the 2018 season, is also visible.

Inside the Seoul club, we are expecting 40,000 spectators. Literally, it’s the ‘hero effect’. It is known that Lim Young-woong first expressed his intention to the Seoul club for this time celebration. It is known that the reason he chose Seoul after receiving love calls from various clubs was because of his relationship with players such as Hwang Eui-jo and Ki Sung-yong.

First, he even voluntarily applied for a city axis, but Lim Young-woong showed respect and affection for Seoul. Since the team color of Daegu, the opponent team of Seoul, is sky blue, Lim Young-woong told SNS, “When you come to Seoul Stadium, the dress code is voluntary except for the sky blue (hero era fan color). Even if you want to wear sky blue, please respect and protect the culture of Seoul.” 토토사이트

After seeing this, Lim Young-woong’s fan club ‘Heroic Age’ cafe is also in an atmosphere of restraining the fan color, sky blue, as much as possible. In the past, watchers were booed because they did not understand the team color properly. On the other hand, Young-woong Lim directly showed the No. 1 class by asking fans to respect the team color culture of the soccer team.

Naturally, K-League fans are praising Lim Young-woong. A K-League fan on social media said, “It’s the first time I’ve seen a person who understands and respects the K-League like Lim Young-woong.”

Young-woong Lim and Heroic Age who visit Sangambeol with respect and affection. Attention is focusing on whether Seoul (2 games, 42,753, 3rd place), which is aiming for the largest number of spectators in the K-League, will be able to continue its box office success with its precious guests.

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