kt Rolster has risen to the top of the EA Champions Cup (EACC) 2023 Spring, which determines the best FIFA Online 4 team in Asia. Having previously won the eK League Championship Season 2 last year, kt also placed first in the EACC Spring Korean national team selection event, so they are already writing a record of three consecutive victories in major competitions. This achievement of kt lies in the even performance of the four players who faithfully performed their respective roles.

First of all, ‘Ace’ Jun-hyeok Kwak did his part this time too. Kwak Jun-hyeok, who was the first runner of kt in the first match against the Phase Clan, was not taken aback by the loss of the first goal, and made use of his unique aggressive play to achieve a come-from-behind victory, announcing a good start. Then, he took the mound again in the 4th set in a 2-1 situation, defeating the opponent’s ace ‘Jungjeom’ and leading the team to the winner’s bracket.

In the first set of the winner’s bracket held on the same day with a Vietnamese professional gamer, it seemed that he could not continue the flow as he was caught by ‘Rieta’. However, in the last minute of a tight 2-2 match, he appeared again and faced ‘Rieta’, who had defeated him in the first set. And he won with good performance that did not allow for two losses, and presented the team with a final advance.

Just as the new ‘FIFA Emperor’ Jun-hyeok Kwak took the lead in the team’s finals with a record of 3 wins and 1 loss, the old ‘FIFA Emperor’ Kim Jung-min also showed off his rust-free skills and led the team at every moment of crisis. He played an active role in rescuing him from the crisis. Kim Jung-min, who suffered one defeat in his first game, Faze Clan, showed off his presence in the big game that unfolded as a veteran.

Kwak Jun-hyeok and Park Chan-hwa lost one after another in a winner’s match against a pro gamer who was dragged down 0-2. Kim Jung-min sortied and won the 3rd set, and then appeared in the 4th set and won, taking the match to the 5th set and laying the foundation for a comeback. Kim Jung-min, who won 2 victories including the final 5-set victory against the Faze Clan, who met again in the finals, showed his best performance proving himself worthy of the nickname ‘FIPA Emperor’. 온라인카지노

Compared to Kwak Jun-hyeok and Kim Jung-min, their performances in the game were incomplete, but the eldest brother Kim Kwan-hyung and the youngest Park Chan-hwa also showed their best in their positions. Kim Kwan-hyung took on the role of control tower and refined the team’s overall strategy from the bench, while Park Chan-hwa gained experience by raising his sense of the game with a record of 1 win and 2 losses on the international stage ahead of the opening of eK League Season 1.

With such an excellent roster composition, kt stood at the top of EACC and showed the strength of Korean FIFA. Attention is focusing on whether this good trend can be continued in Season 1 of the 2023 eK League Championship, which is about to open, and set a record of 4 consecutive losses in major competitions.

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