The ‘Volleyball Empress’ is negotiating the first individual free agent (FA). Only decision remains. 

Kim Yeon-kyung won the MVP award unanimously at the 2022-23 regular season awards ceremony held on the 10th. He said in an official interview that he had “decided to prolong his playing career”. 

The decisive reason why Kim Yeon-kyung, who revealed her concerns about retirement in mid-February, changed her mind was to relieve her regret of winning the championship. Kim Yeon-kyung hinted, “I missed the combined championship this season, so my desire grew. I will choose a team that can achieve a combined victory.” He is still confident of showing top-level skills, and it is a decision made after considering the opinions of his family and volleyball officials who said, “I wish I could play more.” 

The biggest word in this FA market is definitely Kim Yeon-kyung. Although his heyday has passed, he ranked 1st in regular season attack success rate (45.76%) and 5th overall in scoring (669 points, 1st in domestic players). He also played a big role in receiving (8th) and defense (10th). If you are a club that has room on the salary cap, you can covet Kim Yeon-kyung. This is because Kim Yeon-kyung’s influence has been proven not only in the team’s power increase, but also in club marketing, such as viewership ratings and spectator positions. During the regular season, there were rumors that several teams were interested in signing him. He drew a line about his re-entry into overseas markets. 

A total of 20 players have obtained FA qualification this season. It seems that the contracts of the rest of the players will be made only when Kim Yeon-kyung’s destination is decided. 

The team that is interested in Kim Yeon-kyung has already completed a recruitment offer including contract conditions. Kim Yeon-kyung laughed, saying, “I thought (calls for FA recruitment inquiries) would come from all clubs, but not many came.” It is said that Kim Yeon-kyung received offers from several clubs, and only a decision remained. Her free agent contract is due on the 22nd at 6pm. He is expected to make a final decision sooner or later.  

The first thing Kim Yeon-kyung considers in free agency negotiations is whether or not she has the ability to win. Kim Yeon-kyung said, “I will refer to the (winning) vision or what kind of volleyball to play.” In this process, some teams were excluded from the contract candidates. “(I expressed interest in me), I told the team with a low possibility of signing, ‘It won’t be easy.’ The position of the negotiating team is also considered.  토토사이트

According to the rules of V, FA contracts can be for up to three years. Most of them sign a three-year contract, but Kim Yeon-kyung is considering only a one-year contract. He said, “I also explain this part during FA negotiations. There is also a problem with compensation (200% of the previous year’s annual salary of 900 million won or 300% of 1.35 billion won).” He was taken away in exchange for a considerable amount of compensation, because it would be regrettable for the club if he retired after only playing for one season.

The highest amount that Kim Yeon-kyung can receive in the 2023-24 season is 775 million won. She is of the opinion that if she can win, she can afford the monetary loss as well. Kim Yeon-kyung expressed her prudence, saying, “If she has the winning record, it is possible to sign a contract even if the conditions are lowered. 

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