‘Naples Iron Pillar’ Kim Min-jae, despite the recent ups and downs, has been revealed to be maintaining the first place with an overwhelming rating among Italian Serie A defenders.

According to the Italian football media ‘Tuto Mercato Web’ on the 2nd, Kim Min-jae earned an average rating of 6.44 points per game in 32 out of 38 rounds of Serie A, the highest score among Serie A defenders.

The media said, “It was announced that the ratings were ranked for defenders who played at least 19 games,” and “Kim Min-jae maintains a firm position. Among Italian players, Pasquale Maczocchi (Salernitana) and Federico Basquito Law (Lecce) was in the top 5,” he said.

What is noticeable is that the gap between Kim Min-jae and the players in the 2nd to 5th places is quite large. The second place behind Kim Min-jae is Chris Smalling and Machoki, who played for AS Roma in the past, with 6.31 points each. Next, Kim Min-jae’s colleague Mario Hui scored 6.29 points and Basquitoro scored 6.27 points. While the 2nd to 5th place players were attached at an interval of 0.04 points, Kim Min-jae built a solo system with a difference of 0.13 points from the second place.

Kim Min-jae struggled a bit by making two big mistakes in the home game against AC Milan held immediately after the A match in March and giving up 4 runs, but soon returned to normal and played in two Serie A matches, including the recent match against Juventus and against Salernitana. Scored 1 goal and 1 goal respectively.

The media praised Kim Min-jae’s overwhelming performance under the title ‘Kim Min-jae looking down on all defenders’. 먹튀검증

Even if Napoli draws against Udinese on the 5th, the first Serie A championship in 33 years will be confirmed, so Kim Min-jae is expected to be able to play in a more stable state. This means that he will most likely continue to be the number one defender.

On the other hand, the best 11 of ‘Tuto Mercato Web’ included as many as five players in addition to Kim Min-jae, including striker Victor Osimen, winger Hvica Kvarachhelia and Hui, and midfielder Stanislav Robotka, revealing Napoli’s solo this season.

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