Rebuilding in sports means that rather than aiming for the championship right away, it means strengthening the constitution of the team to lay the foundation to rise to the top within 3 or 4 years. Throughout KBL history, Anyang KGC is the team that best exemplified rebuilding.

In the 2010s, KGC succeeded in rebuilding after trade and perseverance, and took its place as a strong team representing the league by climbing to the top three times. The main players attracted fans not only with their skills but also with their outstanding looks, and were nicknamed ‘Ginseng Shinki’. This season, led by the 3rd Ginseng Shingi, they set a record of winning the 3rd wire-to-wire regular league championship in KBL history, and are aiming for the 2nd combined championship in their career. We looked back at the rebuilding history of KGC, which created the new ginseng machine.

2009, KT&G, the predecessor of KGC, and Seoul SK conducted a one-to-two trade. Joo Hee-jeong headed to SK, and Kim Tae-sul and Kim Jong-hak wore KT&G uniforms. It was a trade that surprised everyone. Although Kim Tae-sul was evaluated as a promising point guard, Joo Hee-jung was the best star in the league, winning the regular league MVP in the 2008-2009 season. From this point on, KT&G, thinking of rebuilding, did not use Kim Tae-sul right away, but first solved the military service problem.

In the 2009-2010 season, instead of sending one-option foreign player Nigel Dixon to Busan KT (currently Suwon KT), he will receive Donald Little and the 2010 rookie draft 1st round pick. And in the 2010 rookie draft, he obtained the right to pick the first pick in the first round, and as the second-choice team was decided by KT, he had the good fortune to select all first and second-rank rookies at the same time. KGC nominated Park Chan-hee and Lee Jung-hyun and embraced two promising players at once. 메이저사이트

The focus was taken by Oh Se-geun. In the 2011 rookie draft, KGC won the first overall pick once again. Coincidentally, KGC, which had a vacant position for a big man in Korea, selected Oh Se-geun, who was considered the biggest player at the time, without hesitation. Later, Oh Se-geun was active as a key member of the 2nd and 3rd Ginseng Shingi, so it couldn’t be the best last puzzle. As a result, KGC has established a super-luxurious lineup leading to Yang Hee-jong, Kim Tae-sul, who was recruited through trade, and Park Chan-hee, Lee Jung-hyun, and Oh Se-geun, who were nominated through the rookie draft. It was the beginning of the first ginseng new period.

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