Match-fixers have a chance to become full-fledged soccer leaders. 

The Korea Football Association (KFA) announced on the 28th that it had decided to pardon 100 people, including former and incumbent players, coaches, and referees, who were disciplined for various misconduct ahead of the game against Uruguay.

KFA said, “We reflected the opinions of the frontline field who congratulated the achievements of reaching the World Cup finals 10 times in a row and advancing to the round of 16 in the World Cup in Qatar last year and proposed an amnesty for harmony and a new start in the football world.” There is also the purpose of giving another chance to judged soccer players,” he explained.

KFA’s position is that it is keeping an eye on it so that it does not misunderstand that the basic position on match fixing has changed due to this amnesty. The problem is the amnesty of players involved in match-fixing.

Of the 50 players who were expelled for participating in match-fixing in professional football in 2011, 48 players, excluding two who were judged to be of a bad quality by the Korea Football Association, were also included in the pardon.

The reason is spectacle. The KFA explained the reason for the pardon as “congratulations on the achievement of advancing to the World Cup finals 10 times in a row and advancing to the round of 16 in the World Cup in Qatar”.

Criticism is pouring in over the decision to pardon the people who caused the match-fixing incident, which remains as the most humiliating memory in Korean football history, for ‘advancing to the World Cup round of 16’.

However, the position of the Professional Football Federation is firm. An official said, “We did not pardon. We do not currently plan to pardon.”

He continued, “There may be opinions that the KFA’s pardon decision is comprehensively effective and the disciplinary action of the professional league is invalid, but it is not clear and it is a matter that needs to be considered legally.”

Some of the expelled players acted as leaders while the KFA was reviewing the amnesty with the great unity of footballers at the forefront. Some of the expelled players have been running a soccer center and coaching the players.

Of course, the expelled players did not coach players in official school and professional youth teams. can’t do it according to the rules However, they taught young students in the region with former national and professional players at the forefront.  안전놀이터

If you are pardoned, it will be an opportunity to start in earnest. There may be a position to repay with soccer, but match-fixing has already ruined soccer, so it should not be reciprocated through soccer. 

KFA explained that the pardoned match-fixers would not be able to act as leaders, but they are already leaders. 

The Korean Sports Association, a senior institution of the KFA, is also focusing on this pardon. An official explained, “There is an amnesty in the KFA regulations, but only relief in the Korea Sports Council. The related regulations have been continuously revised, but the Football Association has not followed the rules of the Sports Association since September 2020.”

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