The Italian Minister of Sports recently opened up about the Juventus incident.

I heard shocking news. Italy’s ‘giant’ Juventus was punished with a point reduction. The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) said on its official website on the 21st of last month (Korean time), “The Federal Court of Appeals partially accepted the appeal of the Prosecutor’s Office. Sanctions were imposed and the court also confirmed the innocence of the other eight clubs involved (Sampdoria, Pro Vercelli, Genoa, Parma, Pisa, Empoli, Novara and Pescara) and those involved.”

There was a reason. It was because of the ‘fragmented accounting’. It is said that Juventus inflated the transfer fees of some players to make their financial performance appear higher than they actually were, and thus took financial advantage. Centered around president Andrea Agnelli, vice president Pavel Nedved and former Juventus general manager Fabio Paratici were involved in the incident. 온라인카지노

Juventus said it was unfair. The club appealed, “We are obeying the law and acting according to the law.” But the problem was obvious. The Italian Securities Regulatory Commission found that they hadn’t followed the rules properly, and they were ultimately penalized with a 15-point deduction. Juventus are currently in 13th place in the league with 23 points.

The bad news is not over. There is a possibility that additional victory point reduction measures will be taken. Italian media ‘Corriere dello Sport’ said, “The prosecutor will demand that Juventus take an additional 20 points reduction.” If this measure is accepted, Juventus will fall into the league ‘last’ in an instant.

An incident in the Italian football world recurred 17 years after Calciopoli. Sports Minister Andrea Abodei expressed his opinion on the matter.

He insisted that this is not just a Juventus problem. According to Italian media ‘Football Italia’, he said, “The problem is not Juventus. We need to watch the whole football system deeply. There are people who believe that the Minister of Sports can control and decide everything. But there are roles to be respected. “What’s happening is more than a football game. Some things you can’t do alone. The technology used in these deals needs to be explained in a way that the general public can understand.”

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