Park Ji-sung is the technical director of Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors. Translated into Korean, it is about the director in charge of power reinforcement. Park Ji-sung, who had a relationship with Jeonbuk as his advisor, re-signed as a technical director in September of last year. At the time, Jeonbuk announced, “Park Ji-sung, as technical director, will be in charge of team composition and will directly evaluate and organize players.” For the past two years, Park Ji-sung has actively participated in managing Team B and replacing players in Team A.

Jeonbuk reorganized their squad this year with an emphasis on a generational change. Older players such as Kim Bo-kyung left the team half of their own accord. Instead, relatively young new faces were recruited. It was large enough to be called a storm recruitment. In the process, an incomprehensible incident occurred when goalkeepers 1 and 2 (entry 3) all left the team. However, no one denies that Jeonbuk, which has recruited a large number of at least quasi-level players in almost every position, is a favorite for the championship.

However, Jeonbuk is extremely sluggish at the beginning of the season. The superficial reason is the number of injured people. Even the double squad level players were useless in front of a pile of injured. There are a lot of new players, but the number of injuries is increasing, so the organization couldn’t be good. Since last year, Jeonbuk has virtually eliminated living in the athletes’ dorms. Even unmarried players live outside the dorms. Managing all personal life has become the player’s responsibility. Some other clubs are doing the same, but in the case of Jeonbuk anyway, it may be another reason for the lack of organization and the increasing number of injuries, coupled with tight competition for the starting pitcher following large-scale player replacements and leadership anxiety.

Jeonbuk supporters demand the resignation of manager Kim Sang-sik and CEO Huh Byung-gil. The manager, whose future is uncertain, received a red card for excessive appeal and was unable to keep the bench for the last two games. Extremely sensitive players were also dissatisfied with the referee and protested, and were sent off. The scene where he spits out what is presumed to be abusive language as he exits the ground was also exposed on TV.

Park Ji-sung is also a part-time director. If he is staying in Korea, he may not have much trouble working part-time. By the way, Park Ji-sung has been living in England since his retirement as a player. Whenever he has this or that task, he visits Korea. It is hard to hear that Park Ji-sung often watched the K-League, not on video, but in the field. Of course, there is a power reinforcement team leader in Jeonbuk, but the reporter thinks that it is basic for technical directors to constantly visit the site. 크크크벳

In soccer, the team comes first. When the team falters, all members must unite and find a way to escape. In Jeonbuk, it is not only the director and CEO, but also the director, Park Ji-seong, who must hold the center. Director Park Ji-seong led the recruitment of large-scale players and renewed the contract with coach Kim, who was expected to end the contract.

Picking up players and managing them may seem separate, but they are like one body that is closely connected to each other. In particular, if the team is in a big crisis, the people in charge should cooperate closely with each other and devise a solution before discussing the area of ​​work. Park Ji-sung himself would not think that Jeonbuk is free from responsibility for the sluggish performance. And Park Ji-sung will exchange opinions with the Jeonbuk club over the phone. However, no matter how part-time, no matter how great a team, no matter how great a player Park Ji-sung is, how many Jeonbuk fans think that he is fulfilling the role of technical director satisfactorily with that.

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