Will ‘Legend’ Ja-cheol Koo (33) and ‘Future’ Jong-moo Han (19) of Jeju United (hereafter referred to as Jeju) be able to break the roster and explode their potential?

Han Jong-moo is a promising player from the Jeju U-18 youth team. He is a type of midfielder who dominates the midfield with his well-balanced physicality (179cm, 70kg) and a lot of activity. He excels in ball touch and link play, and becomes more aggressive in straight plays. 안전놀이터 In the open situation, he has excellent dribbling ability, and he has been evaluated as a play that is not suitable for his age since his youth days.

He also showed potential on the professional stage. In his professional debut season last year, he made 14 appearances and scored 1 goal. It was one of the U-22 participation cards that coach Ki-il Nam used. Han Jung-moo made his K-League 1 debut against Suwon Samsung on May 22, followed by an outstanding performance filling the void left by Lee Chang-min in Jeonbuk away on May 28, leading Jeju to a 2-0 victory. At the time, his impact was so great that he received rave reviews from the live commentators.

In the Pohang expedition on July 16, he even scored his professional debut goal in the 2nd minute of the second half. He also became the youngest scorer in the K-League in the 2022 season. In particular, Han Jong-moo held a ‘Woo Young-woo Ceremony’ with his teammates after his goal and properly imprinted his name on the stone. He was a definite character as much as his talent and talent. Coach Nam Ki-il also expressed his anticipation, saying, “Han Jong-moo is a player with infinite potential for growth.”

But the professional world wasn’t so easy. ‘K-Jamie Body’ Kim Beom-soo joined as a U-22 card, and as veterans such as Lee Chang-min, Yoon Bit-garam, and Koo Ja-cheol joined in one after another after overcoming injuries and ups and downs, the chances to participate decreased. In addition, starting from the summer of August, the frequency of using Han Jong-moo decreased as the existing three-back to the surprise four-back was used. It was literally the first year of debut that was eventful for Han Jong-moo.

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