“Let this year be my year.”

Jeju United’s Kim Ju-gong (27) almost moved to Seongnam FC last summer. He even went to the Seongnam Clubhouse. Kim Joo-gong said, “It was very difficult mentally. After that, I felt at ease again. He thought he could do whatever he wanted, and he played soccer comfortably. So he has some parts that are better done,” he said.

Kim Joo-gong sought enlistment after the end of last season. He also submitted an application. However, he changed his mind after being dissuaded by Jeju coach Nam Ki-il. Kim Joo-gong said, “I told him two or three times that he would enlist, but he said that the director said, ‘Let’s stay together for one more year,’ and he asked if he could enlist next year. After much thought, he canceled his enlistment.” 메이저놀이터

So the mindset has to be more different. Kim Joo-gong said, “I’m taking a little break due to an injury, but I’m trying to work harder. It seems he needs to train more in his personal time. I have injuries every winter season, but I haven’t had a single injury since entering the season. I am thinking positively,” he said.

Kim Joo-gong is one of the players who receives less attention compared to his contribution. In his last season, he posted 5 goals and 4 assists. He was deployed not only as a flank striker but also as a midfielder and played a big role. Kim Joo-gong laughed, saying, “Actually, there is a part of me that is sad that there is no article when I scored an assist hat-trick.” I will make this year my year. Please pay attention,” he said forcefully.

In particular, in this season, we have to fill the gap between Joo Min-gyu and Zerso, who were very active last season. Kim Joo-gong is well aware of this. He acknowledged that “Jumin-gyu and Zerso had a great influence,” but “they may or may not fill the void, but foreign players are doing well. I think it will be fine if it is fused. Hayes has strengths in ball management, possession and set pieces. Yuri has an advantage in the air ball, so I think those abilities will suit her well. If the existing players assist well, I think there will be synergy.”

Unfortunately, Kim Joo-gong could not fill 10 offensive points last season. He said, “I am holding 15 attack points. He misses a lot of chances. He thinks it is possible to achieve 15 attack points. I want to score 10 goals. He is trying to be greedy once.”

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