Lee Kang-in (Mallorca) unfortunately missed the 5th help.

Mallorca lost 1-2 in an away game against Girona in the 2022-2023 Spanish La Liga held at Estadi Montyribi, Catalonia, Spain on the 5th (Korean time). Mallorca, who stayed at 41 points, also moved to 12th place in the rankings.

Lee Kang-in started and teamed up with forward striker Muriki. Mallorca pushed Girona even in away games. However, Jaume Costa’s error in the first half of extra time led to opponent Bernardo Espinosa’s opening goal and gave them the lead.

With the start of the second half, Mallorca attempted a turnaround by using a replacement card. But the equalizer was seldom scored. 토토사이트 Lee Kang-in seemed to record No. 5 help in the 12th minute of the second half. Lee Kang-in, who caught the ball in the opponent’s penalty box, immediately passed it to Muriki, who succeeded in scoring, but was ruled offside after a video review (VAR).

Mallorca won a penalty kick in the 35th minute of the second half after a corner kick. Muriki, who started as the kicker, calmly finished and tied the score. But the joy was short-lived. In the 39th minute of the second half, Girona Castellanos’ header scored and allowed the turnaround. Mallorca was unable to score a consolation goal and took his knee.

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