“When there is a hole in the 1st team, the player who has risen from the 2nd team must do well to wear the championship ring.”

The professional baseball stage is gorgeous. Behind them, there are those who silently nurture promising players and send them to the first team. One of them is the 2nd team coaches. Kiwoom coach Hong Won-ki also mentioned the importance of the second team players. Director Hong said in a recent phone call with Sports Seoul, “Please pay attention to the second group of Kiwoom this season. The 2nd Army camp is important,” he emphasized.

Seol Jong-jin (50), coach of Kiwoom Futures, said on the 11th, 카지노사이트 “When there is a hole in the 1st team, the 2nd team player has to step up and do it well so that the team does not fall into a losing streak and becomes a strong team.”

Coach Seol mentioned two things as conditions for winning the championship. He said, “First, it is important for existing first-team players to find their condition. As for pitchers, Lee Seung-ho and Kim Tae-hoon were in good condition at the beginning of last year’s season, but fell off in the second half. The first goal is for these players to find their condition,” he emphasized.

“Second, it is important to nurture players in the 2nd and 3rd years, such as Kim Soo-hwan, Park Chan-hyuk, and Park Ju-hong, who have briefly been to the 1st team among the 2nd team players. I have an obligation to prepare these players so that they can perform better than last year. (Young players) have to hold on well in the middle so that the first team players can make up for them when they are not in good condition. That’s how the team has to go to be able to wear the championship ring,” he added.

Kiwoom’s 2nd Army will head to Kaohsiung, Taiwan in early February. The core of this camp is practical. Coach Seol said, “Training is important, but it is important to develop players through games. I try to do a lot of real battles. If I actually play real battles at camp, I can prepare my mind and increase my concentration while valuing each at-bat.”

We expect 9-11 games over the course of a month. Therefore, we plan to bring as many players as possible. It is rumored that six teams in the Taiwan Pro League have expressed their desire to play with Kiwoom’s 2nd team. Coach Seol said, “Many teams have requested. I think we should bring about 34 people.”

As a manager of the second team, it is essential to constantly motivate the players. Because standing on the professional stage is every athlete’s dream. The 2nd team players train endlessly while waiting to register for the 1st team. Coach Seol said, “I tell the players that 카지노사이트 they must always be prepared because they do not know when and where opportunities will come. really no one knows So the athlete must be prepared every day. He emphasized that the body is hard, but the mind must be prepared.” Nevertheless, Seol’s theory is ‘fun baseball’. He said, “Always have fun. That’s how baseball works. I am always open I want the players to come comfortably anytime.”

Preparations for camp are going well. However, the list has not been confirmed. Coach Seol said, “About 80% of the team has been formed, and the rest will be decided when the roster for the first team camp is confirmed.” The confirmed list of camps for the 1st and 2nd groups will be decided next week.

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