Tottenham Hotspur are considering an unexpected person as their next manager.

The post of Tottenham is vacant as manager Antonio Conte has been sacked. They are looking for a new manager who will take charge of the new era by giving head coach Christian Stellini the position of acting manager for the rest of the season. Several candidates were mentioned. Director Julian Nagelsmann, coach Luis Enrique, coach Brandon Rodgers, coach Vincent Kompani, etc. were talked about, and coach Mauricio Pochettino, who led Tottenham, was also connected.

The British ‘Daily Mail’ said on the 20th (Korean time), “Tottenham coach William Steele is aiming for Conte’s successor. Coach Steele, who is a manager in the European big league at the age of 30, is the head of Stade Reims. France this season He is causing a sensation in Ligue 1. He is known to have had talks with general manager Fabio Paratici.”

Steele is a Belgian-English dual citizen. At an early age he retired as a soccer player and started a career as a coach. He started coaching at Preston North End Youth, then played an active role at Liresser, Bey Leshoot, etc., and came as head coach at Reims in 2021. He then went through Standard Liège and returned to Reims in 2022 to serve as head coach. 토토사이트

He took over as manager when Oscar Garcia was sacked midway through this season. He became a full-time head coach with amazing results. Under the guidance of coach Steele, Reims rose to the top of Ligue 1. He commanded 21 Ligue 1 games, recording 10 wins, 9 draws and 2 losses, and thanks to this, Reims is in 8th place. Using strikers such as Florian Balogan, Marshall Munetsushi, and Junya Ito, he is showing fun football.

‘Daily Mail’ gave an interview with director Steele, and he seemed to have a strong will to work in England. Director Steele said, “England is like a home I want to return to. It is a part and root of me.” While revealing his will to return to England, he is the manager of Steele, who is connected to Tottenham.

At the same time, the’Daily Mail’ added, “Directors Enrique and Kompany are ahead of Tottenham’s next manager list, but Steele also entered.” Director Steele was born in 1992 and is the same age as Son Heung-min. Interest in director Steele is growing as news that a director younger than Nagelsmann, born in 1987, may come.

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