I couldn’t help but be more surprised to see an exemplary player who just works hard getting angry.

Oh Ji-hwan of the LG Twins struck out and smashed the bat to pieces. It appeared to be dissatisfaction with the strike judgment.

Oh Ji-hwan started as a shortstop in the home game against the KIA Tigers held on the 29th in Jamsil, but exploded after striking out in the second at-bat with two outs and first base in the bottom of the 3rd inning with a score of 0-4.

Oh Ji-hwan, who met KIA ace Sean Anderson, made a strike decision on the inside ball of the second pitch following a miss on the first pitch, and Oh Ji-hwan slightly protested to the referee. He seemed to mean that he had come deep into his body. Of course, the judgment was the same, and the 3rd pitch in 2S.

Oh Ji-hwan struck out after swinging away at Anderson’s sharp breaking ball. At this time, Oh Ji-hwan exploded. He hit the bat on the ground. He hit him so hard that he almost fell over. But the bat was fine. Oh Ji-hwan held the bat with both hands and hit it once more, as if his anger had not subsided. This time, the bat broke into several pieces and spread across the ground. Oh Ji-hwan strongly expressed his dissatisfaction by throwing the handle he was holding.

It seemed too strong for his dissatisfaction with the judgment. Depending on the situation, it seemed that an exit order could be issued. However, after seeing Oh Ji-hwan throw the bat, referee Ham Ji-woong prepared for the next inning by asking the ball boy for the ball. ㅋㅋㅋ벳

SPOTV commentator Oh Jae-won, who relayed the game that day, said, “Even if I were a player Oh Ji-hwan, it would have been the same.” Commissioner Oh said, “The situation that could have been 1B1S became 2S and I immediately struck out. And I am the captain, but since I lost yesterday and the game is over today, there will be a message to the players.”

Commissioner Oh also has an anecdote in which he protested to the referee several times during ball-strike decisions when he was a Doosan Bears player, and among them he was sent off. Oh Ji-hwan’s excessive behavior was understandable, as he did not protest simply because of his dissatisfaction with the refereeing, but was there to give a message to the players.

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