Lee Jae-sung’s amazing performance is highly likely to continue in the Korean national team.

Germany’s ‘Sport 1’ highlighted Lee Jae-sung’s performance on the 3rd (Korean time). Lee Jae-sung, who left Holstein Kiel in 2021 and joined Mainz, joined the German Bundesliga. He made 27 league appearances, scoring 4 goals and providing 3 assists, proving his competitive edge. Mainz fans fell in love with his high utilization and sincerity.

The performance this season is even more amazing. Lee Jae-seong, who has established himself as a sure starter, played in 22 league games and scored 7 goals and 3 assists. It is not an exaggeration to say that he is the ace leading Mainz recently. Looking at the previous 6 league games, Lee Jae-sung scored 5 goals and 2 assists. He started with a goal against Dortmund, scored a goal against Bochum and scored twice against Augsburg. He contributed by assisting Leverkusen 3-2.

In the match against Mönchengladbach, he added an attack point and led the team to a 4-0 victory. Through Lee Jae-sung’s performance, Mainz broke away from sluggishness and rose to 8th place. The rising trend is scary enough to aim for competitions organized by the European Football Federation (UEFA). At the center is Lee Jae-seong. Head coach Bo Svensson praised him, saying, “I can’t imagine Mainz without Lee Jae-seong,” and Mainz is trying to renew the contract with Lee Jae-seong, who is in peak form. Lee Jae-sung’s contract with Mainz runs until June 2024.

‘Sprout 1’ said, “Lee Jae-seong is the best. He is doing really well. He was involved in 7 goals out of 6 games. His performance is good at a level that is difficult to control. Lee Jae-seong may transfer to another team, but Mainz is aiming for a renewal. If he stays, he will become the face of the team. 예스벳 토토 It has been a long time since Mainz has achieved this level of performance, and he is dreaming of a stage in the UEFA competition,” he praised Lee Jae-sung.

“Lee Jae-sung is an exemplary person who makes up for his weaknesses and steadily develops as a soccer player,” he added. Continuing his praise, he said, “I will also help coach Jurgen Klissmann, who has become the new head of the Korean national team,” and expected his performance in the national team. Lee Jae-seong is a key member of Korea along with Son Heung-min and Kim Min-jae.

It is highly likely that the position will not change even after Klinsmann takes over as manager. Head coach Klinsman arrived in Korea on the 8th and announced his full-fledged departure starting with a friendly match against Colombia on the 24th. Lee Jae-seong will also join unconditionally if there is no injury issue.

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