Choi Soon-ho, the general manager of Suwon FC, stood in front of the public as a ‘player’ for the first time in a long time.

Director Choi Soon-ho was inducted into the K-League Hall of Fame held at the Grand Ballroom of the Ambassador Pullman Hotel located in Jangchung-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul at 11:00 am on the 2nd. Through this event, Choi Soon-ho, Hong Myung-bo, Shin Tae-yong, and Lee Dong-guk were honored to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Among them, general manager Choi Soon-ho was named in the first-generation player category.

Choi Soon-ho spent his K-League 1 career with Pohang Steelers and FC Seoul. He scored 23 goals and 19 assists in 100 appearances, even though league games were not as numerous as they are now. He was an ‘all-around striker’ capable of not only scoring goals but also creating assists. It was natural for Choi Soon-ho, the first player representing the first generation, to enter the Hall of Fame.

The recommendation for Choi Soon-ho was given by Lee Hoi-taek, president of the Korea OB Football Club. Chairman Lee Hoi-taek said, “I’ve seen countless players rise and fall. Choi Soon-ho was an outstanding striker who would appear only once in our soccer history. The moment I finished my playing days in Pohang, I met an outstanding young man named Choi Soon-ho. It seems that he was taken away. Choi Soon-ho was a player with a superior physique, flexibility and brains, which was rare for a Korean player.”

“The coaches at the time have memories of admiring Choi Soon-ho’s splendid play. It is deeply moving to see Choi Soon-ho, the greatest star in the early days of professional football, being named in the Hall of Fame after 40 years. An unsung striker of the K League. He added, “I introduce you to Choi Soon-ho, the first-class contributor who laid the foundation.” 토스카지노

After Chairman Lee Hoi-taek’s recommendation, General Manager Choi Soon-ho also appeared. As in his playing days, his burly physique was still the same. First, team leader Choi Soon-ho said, “He remembers 40 years ago vividly.” He added, “Fortress K-League is a new period of revival. I am grateful to the Korean Professional Football Federation President Kwon Oh-gap, the Hall of Fame Selection Committee Chairman, the selection committee members, and the fans so that I can become an inductee.”

Director Choi Soon-ho said, “I think of all of my colleagues who played together on the playground at the time, in vague memories. I also thought deeply about the teachers who taught me since elementary school. I chose soccer as a career. In many places, soccer is a social life. I have been doing it. I am grateful to my parents who have watched over me for over 50 years. I am also grateful to my wife who has been by my side as a soccer player for 38 years.” I will replace my greetings with a short thank you like this.”

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