Lotte, who had a spring camp in Okinawa, Japan, lost 0-8 in a practice game against KIA on the 3rd and bowed his head, but that did not mean that there was no income.

Lee Min-seok (20), who came out as a starting pitcher, left 1 hit, 2 walks and 3 runs in 1⅔ innings, and even after finishing the inning well with a tripartite withdrawal in the 1st inning, he had the bad luck of being hit by the right hand with 2 outs in the 2nd inning. This led to an error in throwing to first base and became an excuse for 3 runs. All three runs were unearned.

Above all, his fastball, which reached up to 152 km, was powerful. The contents of pitching were not 100% satisfactory, but it was proof that his condition was improving. Lotte coach Larry Sutton also spared no encouragement to Lee Min-seok, saying, “If you learned something through the game, that’s okay.”

Regarding the 152km maximum speed, Lee Min-seok calmly said, “I’m trying my best not to worry about speed.”

Lee Min-seok, who joined Lotte last year as the first choice and started in 27 games, recording 1 win, 1 loss and 5 holds with an ERA of 5.88, accumulated experience. are doing 예스벳 토토

“Last year, we mainly used fastballs and sliders, and threw changeups intermittently, but this year we are adding curves and increasing the percentage of breaking balls,” said Lee Min-seok. I think it will be fine,” he said.

This year, Lotte not only increased the depth of the pitching staff by collecting veteran pitchers, but also has a positive effect on young pitchers. Kim Sang-soo, a former hold king and captain during the Kiwoom days, did not hesitate to give advice while ‘reviewing’ Lee Min-seok’s last practice match. It was the so-called ‘tweezers lecture’. Lee Min-seok expressed his gratitude, saying, “I reviewed the game with senior Kim Sang-soo, and he told me what didn’t go well, which was very helpful.”

Leaving his position, Lee Min-seok, who is considered a resource to help Lotte mound this year, is aiming to throw a lot of strikes, regardless of restraint. “You have to throw a lot of strikes so that the bat will come out and the game will be solved,” he said.

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