“Tottenham are hoping to use Heung-min Son to sign new player (Kim Min-jae).”

While rumors of signing Kim Min-jae, the “Naples Iron Pillar,” to Liverpool and Manchester United continue, rumors of a transfer to Tottenham, “Son Heung-min’s team,” are also raising their heads again.

On the 7th (Korean time), Spurs Web, a media specializing in Tottenham, reported that ‘Tottenham hopes to use Son Heung-min to gain an advantage in recruiting Napoli defender Kim Min-jae this summer.’

Citing a report by Football Insider, the media said, “Tottenham, which tried to recruit Kim Min-jae in the past but failed, is trying to recruit Kim Min-jae again.”

As the buyout clause of Kim Min-jae, who wore the Napoli uniform last year, came into effect for two weeks in July, Tottenham added an explanation that he was willing to meet the buyout amount of 43 million pounds (about 70.5 billion won).

‘According to Italian media reports, it is encouraging that Kim Min-jae is hoping to move to the Premier League,’ he wrote, ‘if Min-jae Kim wants to play in the Premier League, there may be a line of courtiers looking to get him.’ ‘Tottenham is not the only club that has shown interest in Kim Min-jae, and Liverpool and Manchester United are also eyeing it,’ he wrote, ‘but if Tottenham has a slight advantage over their Premier League rivals, it’s all thanks to Son Heung-min.’ ‘As Son Heung-min is the captain of the Korean national team and a close friend of Kim Min-jae, Tottenham will be hoping that their star striker can convince the Napoli centre-back to join North London,’ he claimed. 먹튀검증

However, Tottenham Webb saw that despite the existence of Son Heung-min, Tottenham’s recruitment of Kim Min-jae was ‘not easy’. “I really want to see a contract with Kim Min-jae, but it won’t be easy to convince him to come to Tottenham,” he said. , and if we do not make it to the top 4, it will be almost impossible to recruit Kim Min-jae.”

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