Manchester United did not reap as much money as they spent.

On the 3rd, ‘score’, a soccer content production company, released the top 5 net spending clubs, which is the amount after subtracting income from transfer market spending since 2014.

1st place is Man Utd. It recorded a net expenditure of 1.16 billion euros (approximately 1.5793 trillion won). However, in the Champions League, he suffered the humiliation of not winning just one trophy.

Since 2014, Manchester United has ambitiously recruited big name players such as Angel Di Maria, Alexis Sanchez and Romelu Lukaku, but the income-to-expenditure ratio was not large.

Manchester City are in second place with net spending of €880 million.

It was followed by Chelsea (€834 million / 1,192.2 billion), Arsenal (€758 million / 1,083.6 billion) and Paris Saint-Germain (€722 million / 1,032.1 billion).

Manchester United’s poor income-to-expenditure ratio compared to Real Madrid. 먹튀검증

Real have managed to win five trophies in the Champions League despite net spending of 60 million euros (about 85.7 billion).

Real showed off its spirit by winning the Champions League five times with net spending less than half that of Manchester United.

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