DRX was the team that won the 4-win undefeated head-to-head match and continued their winning streak.

On the 22nd at the Sangam Coliseum in Mapo-gu, Seoul, DRX broke Gen.G’s winning streak and continued its 5-game winning streak in the 5th week and 1st day of the 2023 Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Pacific League. 

Gen.G picked Haven with the 1st set map, and DRX took Fracture with the 2nd set map. The 3rd set map was chosen as Pearl. DRX started the match in a good mood, succeeding in killing everyone from the pistol round in the first set. Thanks to Myeong-gwan “Mako” Kim and Gu-taek “Stacks” Kim, DRX took a 3:0 lead, and in the 4th round, they even managed to clutch and got on the flow. DRX ran away early by 10:0, and Gen. G managed to dismantle the spike in the 11th round to make up for the round. However, in the 12th round that followed, DRX Kim Gu-taek cleared ‘King’ Lee Seung-won to end the first half with a round score of 11:1. In the second half, Gen.G fiercely pursued, but in the 20th round, Jung “Foxy Nine” Jae-seong succeeded in killing many and dismantling spikes, leading the first set victory. 스포츠토토

In the second set that followed, both teams fought a bloody battle that did not back down an inch. With Gen.G narrowly leading, DRX also steadily won the round and finished the first half tied at 6:6. In the 8:8 situation, DRX finally succeeded in reversing with a victory in the 17th round. The two teams continued to fight closely in the second half, but at the end of the 2nd set Gen.G, who maintained a little more concentration, won and the match continued into the 3rd set.

In the last 3 sets, DRX took the advantage by finishing the first half 8:3. Gen.G also struggled for an opportunity to counterattack, but DRX’s wall was too high. DRX continued its 5-game winning streak by splendidly decorating the final round with a clutch.

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