Even if it is wrong, it is a mistake for a long time.

Mallorca kneeled 0-1 to Real Betis in the 26th round of Spanish La Liga in the 2022-23 season held at Visit Mallorca Estadi in Mallorca, Spain at 10:00 pm (Korean time) on the 19th. With this defeat, Mallorca (32 points) remained in 11th place.

Mallorca, who fell into a draw, went on an expedition to Betis. Coach Javier Aguirre started with Lee Kang-in, Vedat Muriki, Dani Rodriguez, Inigo Luis de Galareta, Jaume Costa, Antonio Raiyo, Pablo Maffeu, and Fredrak Rykovic.

Mallorca did not laugh this time either. After entering the second half, he soon gave up a goal. Coach Aguirre put in substitutes Ludvig Augustinsson, Tino Cadeweir, Antonio Sanchez, Amas Ndiaye, and Abdon Prats as substitutes, but it did not come to fruition.

In the end, Mallorca bowed its head again this time. After the game, coach Aguirre made a statement. He said, “I am very grateful to Spanish La Liga for opening the game at 2:00 pm. In Korea, I hope you turn off the TV and not watch Lee Kang-in. This season is already the 9th.”

Spanish La Liga adjusts the kick-off times of some matches to target the Asian market. This also applies to Mallorca, where Lee Kang-in is active. 10:00 pm Korean time is good for watching soccer, but there are difficulties because it corresponds to 2:00 pm in Spain.

However, the interview with director Aguirre was out of focus. In the process of criticizing Spanish La Liga, which is in charge of the game schedule, he complained about Korean soccer fans. 온라인카지노

Lee Kang-in has a lot of influence on and off the field. Of Mallorca’s league goals (22 goals) this season, Lee Kang-in is responsible for 32% with 7 attack points (3 goals, 4 assists). On match day, he is a star so much that Korean broadcasts are provided separately on the club’s YouTube channel.

Complaints about kickoff times are understandable. However, mentioning Korean and Asian fans is definitely wrong. Lee Kang-in plans to return to Mallorca after playing two consecutive A-matches in March with the Korean national team, which was newly appointed by Jurgen Klinsmann.

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