Former Vietnam national team coach Park Hang-seo waved her hand. He drew the line that he would not comment further on the process of appointing the next coach of the Korean national soccer team. There are two main areas where Director Park revealed his convictions earlier. The first is the issue of reverse discrimination against Korean leaders in the Football Association, and the other is the issue of the appointment of a foreign technical chairman. Coach Park picked up some remarks, saying, “It’s been a long time since I left Korea, so I didn’t know the overall atmosphere.”

“Koreans have sufficient supervisory capacity… The association needs to look back to see if it has played its role properly”

The first thing I said bitterly was after the Southeast Asian Cup. It was a video interview to look back on the past five years as the commander in Vietnam. Coach Park set an edge toward the Korea Football Association. First, he expressed the position of junior leaders who were virtually excluded from the list of candidates for the next command tower, saying, “The capabilities of domestic leaders are not enough to lead the national team.” Our leaders, including coach Park Hang-seo, Indonesia coach Shin Tae-yong, and Malaysia coach Kim Pan-gon, were recognized for their abilities on the Southeast Asian stage, achieving results comparable to those of European masters. Nevertheless, he insisted that “Korean commanders do not receive support comparable to foreign coaches in Korea.”

Perhaps the painful memories of 2002 overlapped. Coach Park, who assisted Hiddink as head coach and led the semifinals of the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, will rise to the Busan Asian Games command tower right after the World Cup. However, he coached the Taegeuk Warriors ‘without remuneration’ while failing to agree on his contract period and annual salary, and in the end, he was sacked after 3 months without proper support.Now, 20 years later, coach Park said, “It’s not simply comparing salaries,” and criticized, “The association needs to look back to see if it applied the same way as when a foreign leader was in charge even when a domestic leader was in charge.” He pointed out the ‘reverse discrimination’ he felt in the field. 토토사이트 The association can refute that “the annual salary reflects the value formed in the global market, and there is no discrimination in support,” but Director Park is not the first to complain of such reverse discrimination. No matter which leader is in charge of the national team, there has been a constant demand for the association to support and support the head coach so that he can keep his philosophy and conviction. The responsibility to resolve any misunderstandings and the responsibility to nurture excellent leaders also rest with the association.

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