“Cho Kyu-seong, honestly, I don’t want to send it.”

Kim Sang-shik was Jeonbuk Hyundai’s intention. Coach Kim said at a press conference for the ‘2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp’ held at the Jeonbuk Clubhouse in Bongdong-eup, Wanju-gun, Jeonbuk on the 12th, “We will make up for what we lacked last year. Next year, with a young and energetic team, I will try to play soccer that gives joy and wins at home without losing.”

The eyes are also focused on Jo Kyu-seong. Cho Kyu-sung is receiving love calls from Europe based on his performance at the Qatar World Cup. Manager Kim said, “Cho Kyu-seong has been doing well in the World Cup. He has a lot of interest. It is true that several clubs have made proposals. As a manager and club, we want to find a team where Cho Kyu-seong can succeed, and we have a consensus to find a time. I’m looking for it. It’s my wish to go out as a coach this summer, to contribute to Jeonbuk, but I can’t think of only my greed. I’m thinking about it. Cho Kyu-seong doesn’t say he’ll leave right away. I’ll prepare for a win-win situation at any time or point. Director I am greedy for players. That is what it means to send players who are doing well. To be honest, I do not want to send them. I was thrilled and nervous at the multi-goal against Ghana. It is an honest feeling. I am not only looking after my greed, but also the future of the players, so the team and players can succeed. I’m thinking about it,” he said.

Regarding coach Hong Myung-bo’s comment the day before that he was “the worst Japanese I’ve ever seen”, he said, “I’ve respected coach Hong Myung-bo since he was a player. Even though he’s a rival team coach, I always respect him. Amano has talked about everything, so there’s nothing much to offer. Amano and It seems that there was a misunderstanding between the Ulsan club. I will come to our team and do my best on the playground.”

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– What are your plans for this season?

▶ I will make up for what I lacked last year. The existing players have led well for several years, and we are recruiting players to lead the future. Next year, with a young and energetic team, I will try to play soccer that gives joy and wins at home without losing.

– I’m doing a lot of recruiting.

▶ Jeonbuk is always a team that aims to win. missed last year I will definitely lift the league this year. I couldn’t do the treble, but I will definitely prepare to do it this year.

– Advisor Dimateo is here.

▶I am talking with director Park Ji-sung. All of the coaching staff can learn about trends in global football. I will accept the good parts so that I can improve tactically and technically, so that I can go to a world-class team. I decided to go to the training camp in Spain with advisor Dimateo, so I will share my opinion.

– How did you feel watching the World Cup?

▶There are impressive teams, and there are several teams. Organizationally, Morocco and Croatia, as well as Argentina and France, which have achieved a new structure, have good players, including Mbappe, who displayed good skills. In that regard, our players also performed well, 바카라사이트 and we will accept the color trend of world-class teams so that they can play well on the field.

– I renewed my contract.

▶Thank you to the club for giving me another chance. There were difficulties for 2 years, but I couldn’t play the soccer that fans wanted. We will listen to the voices of the fans and play aggressive and challenging soccer.

-Director Hong Myung-bo made comments about Amano.

▶I respected coach Hong Myung-bo from the time he was a player. Although he is the manager of a rival team, he always respects him. Amano has talked about everything, so I don’t have much to offer. It seems that there was a misunderstanding between the Amano and Ulsan clubs. I will come to our team and do my best on the playground.

-Cho Kyu-sung is promoting a trip to Europe.

▶Cho Kyu-seong did a good job in the World Cup. You have a lot of interest. It is true that multiple clubs made offers. We are looking for a consensus to find a team that can succeed as a manager and club, and to find a team that can succeed. I want to go out as a coach in the summer and contribute to Jeonbuk, but I can’t think of my own greed. I am contemplating Cho Kyu-seong also doesn’t say he wants to leave right away. We will prepare for a win-win situation at any given time. The coach is greedy for the players. That’s why he sends players who are doing well. He honestly doesn’t want to let go. He was delighted with the multi-goal against Ghana, but he was also nervous. It’s an honest feeling. I’m thinking about whether the team and the players can succeed because I’m not only taking care of my greed, but also the future of the players.

-When did Cho Kyu-sung transfer?

▶ I don’t think it will take much time. Immigration is happening now. Next time no. Not a problem. It can be different if it appears in a good team, so if you take the time to watch it, we will be able to talk about the results as soon as possible.

– Positions that need reinforcement.

▶I was thinking of recruiting a defender, but Park Jin-seop was able to work with me, so I was able to afford it. I don’t know what the defensive part and foreign player situation will be like. There is a player who is preparing, so if you want to play aggressive football, you have to bring in an attacking player. I’m talking a lot with the club. At home, we will play football where we can score many goals and win without losing.

-League rivals.

▶Ulsan is the biggest competitor. Over the years, there have been times when I struggled to win and times when I lost. I wonder if there will be such a composition this year as well. I will prepare thoroughly and take last year’s failure as a mirror so that I can definitely bring home the trophy.

-Last year, personally, there were a lot of hardships.

▶It was difficult due to the schedule, it was difficult because of the lack of results, and the fact that we lost 3 times in a row at home in the first half was criticized by the fans a lot. I feel an infinite sense of responsibility in that aspect, and I think that if I listen carefully to that part and play aggressive soccer without losing at home, they will immediately cheer me on. I will listen to the fans’ stories and play fun soccer.

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