According to a report on the 21st by ’90Min’, an internet portal specializing in football, there is a clause in Conte’s contract about dismissal. Under this contract, even if Conte is sacked from Tottenham this week, he will have to pay £15 million, the total annual salary, because it falls under ‘if fired before the contract expires’. Hanwha has a clause. Hanwha is about 24 billion won. Conte’s contract expires at the end of June.

Therefore, if Tottenham sack Conte this week, they do not have to pay him the rest of his salary until the end of the season, but they will have to pay £4m in compensation.

As Tottenham, it can only be unfair. This is because Conte has to pay compensation to him despite the fact that on the 19th, he criticized not only the team players but also all club officials, including the club, and caused the hardship. So the media say that sacking Conte would be an absurdly expensive decision.

However, it turns out that Conte seems like a master at collecting rewards. He is said to have secured ‘severance pay’ several times from his previous club. 온라인카지노

It is said that he received a lot of penalty money when he left Inter Milan and Chelsea. In particular, he also had a court battle with Chelsea. According to press reports, when he was sacked from Chelsea at the time, Conte took the case to court and won £26.6 million for wrongful termination. He is worth about 42.6 billion won.

Conte managed Chelsea for two seasons from 2016 to 2018. In the 2016-17 season, his first season in charge, he won the Premier League title. It is the sixth first division championship in Chelsea club history and the last first division championship. However, the following season, he was eventually sacked by owner Roman Abramovich.

With such a history, Conte’s criticism of the team on the 19th is also aware of the penalty clause, so he seems to have nothing to say even if he is suspected of holding a press conference with internal gunfire on purpose.

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