Ilyuchenko becomes the captain of FC Seoul in the 2023 season and is a hot topic.

On the 14th, Seoul unveiled the captains who will lead the 2023 season through the club’s official SNS. The captain was Ilyuchenko. It was a somewhat unexpected choice. In 2016, Osmar was appointed as the first foreign captain in the club’s history, but since then, a domestic player has taken on the role of captain. Even when team veterans such as Kwak Tae-hwi, Ko Yo-yeon, and Ki Sung-yong were looking for the captain’s armband and changed midway through last season, Na Sang-ho, the ace, took over.

Besides, Ilyuchenko joined in the summer of last season and has yet to spend a year in Seoul. It is not common to give the captain’s armband to a foreigner who has not played for a long time, even if the captain is not given according to his seniority. In 2016, Osmar was in his third year at Seoul. 토토사이트 What is the reason for giving the claim to Ilyuchenko, a foreigner, after 7 years? It seems to be a judgment that contains the will of coach Ahn Ik-soo to facilitate communication with the players in the new season.

Ilyuchenko joined Seoul less than a year ago, but considering the overall K-League experience, it has been 5 years. Palošević (4th year), Osmar (10th year), and Willian (5th year) also have a lot of experience. Hosam Iesh, who joined this year, is an exception. It is said that there are many people who have played in the K-League for a long time, so they feel that there is little difference from domestic players because they ask for what they want from the team and communicate freely.

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