The end of the 6-year wait was Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, the ‘first overall’.

Eddie from Mongolia was called by Samsung Fire & Marine Manager Kim Sang-woo with the first overall pick in the final draft of the 2023 KOVO Men’s Asia Quarter Tryout at the Jeju Sun Hotel on the 27th.

For player selection, to establish fairness between clubs, each team can select one person with the same 1/7 probability, and Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance was fortunate to be the first choice. Director Kim called Eddie by name without hesitation. Coach Kim said, “Our team is thirsty for offensive power. The players in other positions were fine, but I prioritized offense. Eddie was on my mind,” he explained.

When he was a coach at Sungkyunkwan University, he took Eddie as his pupil. After living together as teachers and teachers for three years, he broke up in 2021 when director Kim took office at Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance. Director Kim, who recalled that time, said, “Even when we first met, I was small. He was a player who only liked offense. He gave weight training from the basics such as defense,” he said. “The process of living as an athlete in Korea has not been easy. It is true that I am more attached to him because he went through a difficult process together,” he said honestly.

Eddie said, “It’s so good. He said, “He is the person who helped me reach my current level and taught me many things. I feel better because I think I will be able to learn and show more things when I go to the pros,” he said.

Six years of waiting has borne fruit. In January 2017, Eddie stepped on Korean soil with Bayarsaihan, who was nominated by OK Financial Group. Originally, he planned to acquire Korean nationality after fulfilling the naturalization requirement of ‘legal stay in Korea for more than 5 years’. However, naturalization failed as standards such as income and property were recently added to the application requirements. 카지노

Eddie said, “Family came to mind first. Ever since I came to Korea, I suffered a lot because I was far from my family. I went to Mongolia 3 times in 6 years and that was it,” he said, laughing and smiling, “I think the blue uniform suits me well” and smiled broadly as he looked at the Samsung Fire & Marine uniform he was wearing.

Coach Kim is planning to use Eddie as an apositive spiker. However, there is a possibility that the method of use may change depending on the player nomination at the foreign player tryout held in Turkiye next month. Coach Kim said, “The attack on the right is considered the most strong point. I plan to match the left and right after the foreign player tryout.”

Bayarsaihan also achieved the ‘Korea Dream’. Nominated for OK Financial Group, he said, “I was so nervous. I felt relaxed from the moment my name was called,” he said. When my name was called, I felt so good that I couldn’t speak.”

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