Chelsea loan Felix.

The British ‘BBC’ reported on January 10 (Korean time) that “Chelsea is close to signing Atletico Madrid striker Joao Felix on loan.”

Felix was expected to leave Atletico Madrid in the January transfer window. Atlético Madrid, which was eliminated early from the UEFA Champions League, is in the process of organizing its squad.

Felix, who was recruited by Atletico Madrid in 2019 by investing a whopping 126 million euros (about 167.8 billion won), did not grow as much as expected. He’s been at the level of a squad player the past four years. Felix has made 14 league appearances this season, with seven starts.

Atlético Madrid had a hard time finding a team that wanted to sign Felix completely, and looked for a team that wanted to take Felix on the condition of a full sign after the loan. 안전놀이터

Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United showed interest in Felix, but it is known that the rental transfer fee requested by Atletico Madrid exceeded the standard.

According to ‘The Athletic’, a sports media outlet, Chelsea pays 11 million pounds (approximately 16.6 billion won) for rental transfers only and brings Felix.

Portuguese national team striker Felix is ​​the player who shows the best figure in the position of a sagged striker. The key is how Chelsea, which already has a similar type of player, desperately needs an orthodox front-line striker, how to use Felix.

Chelsea have fallen to 10th in the league this season due to the aftermath of a line injury. Attention is focusing on whether the recruitment of Felix will signal a rebound.

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