Gwangju FC coach Lee Jung-hyo (47) wore a uniform upside down unlike other coaches at the Hana 1 Q K League 1 2022 Opening Media Day (hereafter referred to as Media Day). It was a uniform marked with the number 8 and the name of Lee Eutteum (33).

Everyone was puzzled, but the fact that coach Lee came out wearing his uniform upside down had a deep meaning. It was to comfort Lee Eutteum as he may not be able to participate for a while due to an injury during winter training.

Coach Lee participated in the Media Day held at The-K Hotel in Yangjae-dong, Seoul at 2:00 pm on the 20th and said, “The best player prepared well during winter training. But he suffered a major injury a week ago.” I came out wearing a uniform because I thought it would be more comforting to show it like this than words.”

Lee Eutteum is a veteran side defender who has been active in Gwangju FC since 2015. Except for the time when he played for the Asan Mugunghwa Police Agency soccer team for military service in 2017, he wore a Gwangju FC uniform and played 161 K-League games. In terms of this period, not only stable defense, but also mass production of attack points (7 goals, 30 assists) with sharp crosses. 안전놀이터

Last season, Lee Eutteum took the lead in Gwangju FC’s promotion while playing as the main axis. He played a big role as he melted well into the tactics of coach Lee. He represents Gay, who was voted MVP of the Round and Best Eleven twice and three times, respectively.

However, ahead of his return to the K-League 1 stage for the new season, Eudeum Lee suffered a major injury to his collarbone during winter training and could not start the opening game right away. The timing of his return is also undecided. In response, coach Lee came out wearing a uniform to comfort his student.

On the other hand, coach Lee said, “The goal is to show the color of Gwangju. I will push forward without breaking my convictions.” “I think many teams will try to win against us. “He promised.

In particular, coach Lee said of Suwon Samsung, his opponent in the opening game, “Coach Lee Byeong-geun said it was difficult last year, but it was also difficult for us to be promoted. Our goal is not to remain.” “He expressed his strong aspirations.

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