Over the past few days, I have been applying for the Indochina Peninsula International Baseball Championship, which was held for the first time in Southeast Asia. While talking with coach Lee Man-soo, I came to the idea that it would be nice to convey the emotions I felt while working with the Laos national team and the process of coming to Laos through writing.
My job is to help players prevent injuries, rehabilitate and improve physical strength after injuries. It is called by the professional names of Athletic Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Coach. The reason why I chose this job was that I was seriously injured when I was young in my 20s, but I experienced several rehabilitation failures due to the poor level of sports rehabilitation at the time and taught athletes who suffered from injuries like me the correct rehabilitation and prevention of injuries. It was meant to give.

As time passed, I became the chief trainer of a professional baseball team, and one day I suddenly felt a strange feeling about my job. In professional sports, where every day is a world of competition, I began to question whether the work I was doing every day was really a process for a better world that I had dreamed of.

It was around that time. I saw the look of the legendary coach Lee Man-soo, who spread baseball in Laos far away. At first I was very puzzled. Why does the coach, who has received all the glory as a baseball player, including the major leagues, throw away his peaceful old age and suffer so much in a hot country? I was full of wonder. It took me four years after that to know the director’s heart.

As mentioned earlier, I became the head trainer of a professional baseball team that I had longed for, but I couldn’t stand the feeling of emptiness. So I made a little strange choice in the eyes of others. I left behind the head coach’s dissuade and left for the unemployment rugby team. At that time, I had one thought. Baseball is good, but if I can’t find the true value of sports and the first mindset as a trainer in the world of daily matches, I thought the way I should go is to go back to the beginning.

I made a choice that my family, friends, and colleagues couldn’t understand in order to find something I had forgotten while sharing the joys and sorrows with the players in an unpopular sport. After 4 years like that, I was so exhausted that I thought about giving up my job as a trainer. More than anything, I’ve come to a stage where my job doesn’t feel very worthwhile. I got stuck in the frame of thought, ‘Oh my God, will my job and my skills help me?’

In the meantime, I heard the news about the Laos baseball team again, and while watching the director who is still leading Laos baseball with an unchanging look, ‘what is the driving force of that person’s life. I am so tired of being on a sports team for 12 years. How can I live a life for others?’

That’s how I contacted the coach and helped with the Gangneung field training. After some time, I found out that I was wrong. It was a meeting that reminded me of my value as a trainer, not to help Laos baseball players.

Pure passion towards baseball and baseball people who help them without conditions and without conditions, and those who love Laos baseball without conditions, including representative Jane Nae. I saw the roles and dreams that sports and baseball should play for people that I had forgotten or that the world had forgotten about.

I think so. We all have memories of baseball. Head coach Lee Man-soo’s signature look of joy after hitting a home run, Jang Jong-hoon’s off-field home run in Japan, and semi-winner at the WBC Baseball is the best sport in Korea, giving people and me joy and dreams at a time like this. Billions of billions of ransoms are mentioned in the media every day, but I think the essence of baseball and sports is to give people dreams and hopes. 바카라사이트

When I see amateur players, I lose my smile in the pressure of the draft and hard training every day. I know it’s a reality and I can’t help it. I don’t mean to criticize. Pro is a competition. However, I am so grateful and fortunate to be able to see on the faces of Laos baseball players the image of rolling up newspapers as a child, making them into gloves, gathering trees from the mountains and trimming them into bats, calling you Lee Man-soo and I Song Jin-woo. .

Life is hard and difficult, but I will continue to help the bishop with my skills and abilities. When I think about it, it seems that I am not helping Lao players, but reminding them of the value that Lao players are a dream of sports.

If you love baseball and have happy memories due to baseball, you will think of us who dreamed of playing baseball in the alley. And I think we can find our childhood dreams and hopes in the looks of Laos players.

I hope many people will support the Laos players and I will finish writing. thank you

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