There will be Chelsea fans who only briefly saw Fernandes at the World Cup. Some of you may hardly know him. And they’ll look at the £100m price tag and guess Fernandez is a world-class player. 카지노

It could be. Given the majesty of World Cup Young Player winners such as Thomas Müller, Kylian Mbappe, Franz Beckenbauer and Pele, he could follow suit. But equally, 100 million pounds of light is not necessarily gold.

Here are the other 10 other than Enzo. Let’s see how they’ve been since the great miracle that took them to heaven.

When historians write Lukaku’s story, they might skim through his second chapter at Chelsea and pretend he’s been at Inter Milan all along. The players themselves will do the same. What started off as a good season quickly changed like a soap opera. Coach Thomas Tuchel said he realized he preferred Kai Havertz up front, leaving out ‘Vic Romelu’.

Lukaku became the eye of a hurricane with a bomb interview with ‘Sky Sports’ in Italy, and apologized soon after. But he never regained the enthusiasm he had when he lifted the scudetto. He went on loan to Inter Milan, as predicted in an interview, and Chelsea fans wondered if we really had to pay for the amount of money he was making. Inter Milan are running out of cash, so what happened to the £100 million they received from selling Lukaku?

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